From the universe to the man – Part 1

The emergence of consciousness

From the universe to the man – Part 1

What is energy? Energy is a capacity that is achieved by a force whose effects we can measure, a force that allows work to be done or a dynamic to be set in motion. It is known in four forms: gravitational force; weak nuclear force; strong nuclear force; and electromagnetic force.

Everything is interconnected and everything is part of this quantum universe.

In this article we would like to develop, first of all, the most relevant scientific experiments on the human being and the notion of energy, which are related to some notions of the Universal Teaching. And, in addition, we would like to obtain some keys to raise our vibratory frequency, which could or would allow us to approach or take some steps towards the ONE, towards the divine, even if it is a small step.

We would like to start by talking about  Louis de Broglie, who received in 1929, at the age of 37, the Nobel Prize in Physics for his “discovery of the wave nature of the electron”[1].

“All matter, atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs and every person, everything is WAVES, and these waves have a specific vibration.”

We call “biofield” the field formed by the sum of all the waves emitted by our body.

Biofields have four properties:

1. are invisible,

2. are information carriers,

3. have polar dynamics (just like magnets).

4. and are HOLISTIC.


The biofield gives us information about the form and function of the body,

of thoughts, emotions, vital energy, feelings, habits and instincts, memory, extrasensory perception; even personality traits.

Parallel to this discovery of biofields, physics or quantum mechanics was developed at the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1911, Max Planck, Nobel Prize winner in 1918, developed the following concept:

“There is a kind of substrate of the universe”

This substrate is known as the ZERO POINT ENERGY FIELD or Divien Matrix [2]

According to quantum mechanics, there is no such thing as a vacuum. There is a flow of subatomic particles that constantly appear and disappear and it is this motion that explains the intense energy contained in the Zero-Point Energy Field. These fluctuations and energy are detected at the temperature of absolute zero (zero Kelvin, -273 degrees Celsius).

The physicist Heisenberg, on the other hand, said that the characteristic of the quantum universe is the instantaneous communication of all its components. Non-local vibrational information is found in this zero-point energy field.

That is, this substrate of the universe, known as the zero-point energy field, as a substrate of quantum nature, is an open door to the fourth dimension.

Biofields are part of the zero-point energy field.

Albert Szent Györgyi, (1893-1996), Hungarian and Nobel Prize winner in 1937, showed us that the human body has an electrical Matrix.

That is to say, thanks to the aqueous matrix surrounding the organic matter, there is a movement of electrons and protons in the tissues, which generates a vibratory process of information[3].

Living beings are controlled by these fields, these matrices; thus, when a rose is born, its energetic matrix contains the information of its structure, it is the carrier of that information, which will play the role of mold.

To understand the notion of field or biofield, let us think of the “cloud” of digital information that is so close to us.

All information is in the biofield, and this biofield is, as we said, in the energy field of the ZERO POINT, which is the “place” where all information is, that is, the quantum field of the whole Universe, the Divine Matrix.

In Sanskrit it is known as AKASHA.

The zero-point energy field is equivalent to what physicists call the quantum vacuum. But this vacuum is not absolute, it is full of energy; the information is there; it is non-local, outside space/time.

We are crossed by many wires, formed by collagen fibers, which are assemblies of proteins; proteins with water form a semiconductor: it is the “Electric Body” that forms the electrical matrix[4].

To summarize, we talk about the Quantum Universe, the Zero Point, the biofield, the Electric Matrix, the Aqueous Matrix and finally the organic structures necessary to transport this information.

The information passes from the quantum domain to the electric domain, i.e., from the magnetic field to the electric field.

This can be explained by Faraday’s law: “the production of electricity is induced by the magnetic field which can be amplified by transformers”.

Our body is designed to pick up magnetic fields and transform them into electric fields. Because the arrangement of tissue cells in the human body and in other living organisms makes it possible to capture magnetic fields. For example, DNA, collagen, actin-myosin, membrane phospholipids, chloroplasts of leaves, myelin of Schwann cells, cones and rods of the retina, microtubules of cilia.

Dennis Gabor (Budapest 1900-London 1979), engineer and Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 for his discoveries on holography. Thanks to them it has been possible to demonstrate the “holistic”, that is to say, the property by which the information is expressed in All.

A hologram is an image containing three-dimensional information. A hologram is therefore the result of an interference image between the waves coming from a photographed object and those coming from the laser beam that was used to illuminate the object.

Each point of an image contains all the information related to this image in the form of a structure, a mold, a matrix that is an interference pattern.

This structure reaches the brain through our senses, eyes, hearing, etc., and is then decoded by structures that are not yet known and the optical system of the brain recomposes the image[5].

According to Edgard D. Mitchell (1991)

“We can consider the Quantum Hologram, as a Non-Local information stored in the Zero Point Energy Field, created by every atom, every cell or molecule of a living organism.

Every objective or subjective experience is deposited in our personal hologram, with which we resonate perfectly,

Each of us has frequencies that have a unique resonance, which act as fingerprints to identify our Non-Local information.”

Not only do we have our own quantum hologram, but also holographic information can be retrieved through the resonance mechanism. And it is possible for other people to access it through this resonance mechanism, i.e., they vibrate at the same frequency.

In this case, we refer to Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic fields.

Morphic resonance is the influence of patterns recorded in the zero-point energy field on similar patterns of activity in our world. Resonance acts by similarity.

Morphic fields have a built-in memory. There is a collective memory in everything, plant, animal and everything in general. There is a memory of form, function and behavior. The human collective memory is what Carl Jung (1875-1961) calls the “Collective Unconscious”.

We conclude, therefore, that the biofield is holistic and fractal; each part contains the whole, including the personality.

We will continue to develop this topic in the next article.

(to part 2)

[1] Thesis confirmed by two American experimenters, Davisson and Germer, who observed the first diffraction of an electron through a crystal.

[2] Calphysics Institute: Zero Point Energy and Zero Point Field

[3] Poveda F, Marti E, Gil D, Carreras F, Manel Ballester: Evidence of the global helical structure of the heart by MDR tractographica multiconduction study (Jam Coll Cadiology Imaging 2012, 5:754-64).

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[5] Talbot J The Holographic Universe1991. Cowen R Simulations support the theory that the universe is a hologram, (Nature 10, deem.2013).

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Date: May 23, 2021
Author: Rosa María Cohen (Spain)

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