From inside

Recognizing one's own being by becoming more permeable

From inside

My life is rich. I am grateful for all that I am given – and even more grateful for all that I can and may give. I am grateful for the feeling of moving in the great flow of things and life and of being moved by it.

It is a moving towards something that I do not yet know or, explained in a better way, that I’m not fully conscious of, but which I do know somehow. It is actually not a movement towards something either, it is not a linear motion that takes time to get there.

No, it is more like growing within something. A kind of expansion, an increasing in size, but not that I increase, but rather a growing in such a way that the ego-boundary becomes more permeable. The presentiment and also the experience of being connected, without losing myself, my inner being.

On the contrary: My being becomes clearer, more perceptible for me, I can recognize it more by becoming more permeable.

Something new and familiar, which I am and which calls me, arises, something that has always been there and will always be there, because it is outside of time. But by living in and out of connectedness with what is, what is in time, in some way it is created right here and now in a way never seen before.

In this way we create something unknown – which has always been there and can now reveal itself through us.

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Date: November 6, 2020
Author: Peri Schmelzer (Germany)
Photo: Thomas Möller auf Pixabay CCO

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