for Leszek


transformed from dead ice I touch ground of grey

a daybreak has scattered in tears’ pearls of pain

blood plays a song old like the first breath of hell

sang by the angels so sad and despaired


they stick around the ground and stare at the stars

blinking in sparkles and each angel cries

longing for sunrise of warm and bright sun

promised in night dreams that never burnt out


no longer is hell when heaven has vanished

hope and desperation like clouds mix to perish

and winds of time howl in sky scraping towers

a song of the lost and exiled by Father


I walk among snow and trees of ice blue

looking in depth of the mysteries so new

stretching out wings made of silver and bright

wanting to soar into endless new flight

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Date: March 27, 2024
Author: Marek Krzystanek (Poland)
Photo: digitization-1447372_1920, Pixabay

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