Encounter with Chidr

A fictitious discourse in Damascus

Encounter with Chidr

D ( Arab): Who are you?


CR: My name is Christian Rosycross.


D: Are you not well?


CR: Why, yes. I have just been to the tomb of your great master Ibn al-’Arabi


D: But you don’t look so good. (Your face is green.)


CR: You’re right, I’m not quite myself again.


E (Arab):  Here you are, my friend. Have a cup of tea and tell me what has happened.


CR: I was standing at the grave of your great teacher … an incredible construction … there were also many Moslems. I was entirely submerged in myself.




CR: And suddenly … I was moved by a force. Somehow I was outside of myself … I wasn’t  myself … I experienced myself … but different than before. I experienced something I have never experienced before … I was in a different world.


E: My friend, maybe you have met Chidr. Well, of course … you have been at the grave of the great master. And Ibn al-’Arabi had contact with Chidr time and again. Chidr has been his most significant teacher. Have another drink and some food- and tell us more. You must be a special person.


CH: Whom did I meet? Who is this Chidr?


D: It is he, who has opened to our masters the portals to the world of the immortals. He, who has guided them through the mountain of the spirit, the mountain Qaf.


E: Chidr is a servant of the Holy Spirit. For the most part he cannot be seen, but sometimes he makes himself visible.He has been of great help to many believers, who have been in need.


CR: I was taken out of myself, into another world, which I had encountered before, but … never before in so great detail.I felt as if I was taken by the hand. I could see the reason for all the many things happening down here …There are spheres full of life, high spheres.  And lower ones … also dark ones …




E: My dear brother, Chidr has taken you by the hand.


CR: I have been in high spheres … where I would have liked to remain, but it wasn’t possible. I wasn’t fully prepared. I have seen something, clearer than ever before. Man has a far greater task than we believe. And suddenly I found myself again standing at the grave of Ibn Arabi.


D: Maybe you will become a Moslem after all.


CR: No, no. But I have realized that you have masters from whom I could learn. I am a Christian and will remain one, but I know now, that you have masters, who want to teach me something.


D: Ibn Arabi writes, that he was bestowed with the garment of Chidr that is with an immortal body.


CR: I couldn’t understand everything I saw … But my heart has opened wider than ever before. I know, we can learn to see with the heart. An entirely new seeing and understanding is possible.


E: You didn’t come here for nothing.


CR: I have realized another thing. There is no fight between Islam and Christianity in the higher spheres of the soul. There, all the different paths come together. There is a profound connection. And yet, we have to walk these paths…


D: You are called, my brother. Chidr has opened the door for you. Chidr- that is Elia, the immortal one. He has drunk from the living water. And he is guiding others to the (same) source.


E: It is said, religions are like flowers on a meadow.


CR: That is a beautiful picture. But I couldn’t have said this at home.


D: The kingdom of god is made of living water. Thereof the soul can bring into being new bodies for herself.


CR: Yes, we say as well, that we can be born again out of water and spirit.


E: That is the medicine our masters talk about as well.


CR: Where can I find them?


D: Not here in the noisy city of Damascus. There is a place, a place of silence. The path toward this place goes through the desert. We can help you.


E: May God be with you. Inshallah.


Excerpt from a podcast of Stiftung Rosenkreuz in the series „Christian Rosenkreuz und die Fama Fraternitatis”, published on Youtube. Scene in Damascus in the 16th century.

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Date: November 21, 2017
Author: Gunter Friedrich (Germany)
Photo: Unesco

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