The beginning is often nothing more than a certain surprise, a word that intrigues...


The beginning is often nothing more than a certain surprise, 

A word that intrigues, the encounter that instigates 

And to which you return again and again.

You do not always feel so good, discomfort’s shadow falls

Not always does the mind so shine and say now this is all!

You do not always walk a path, a crossroads’ choice of life

Not always does the labyrinth unravel without strife

Unconsciously you take each step, the heart so unaware

Like perfume that is part of you, just something that you wear.

The spring whose murmur fills the air, its purity does call

Refreshing touch upon your feet, into its soft caress you fall.

But hesitation does touch the heart

A cautious whisper, lovers apart

This is no place to idly stay

The stumbling shadows whisk away

Uncertainty, its mists do cloud

The heart it wears a doubting shroud 

Could this my truth, reality so be? 


I walk the banks of my life’s stream

The calm, the banks, each rapid flows, my feet move in a dream

The answers found in currents flow

My heart in truth it did not know

The waters voice it calls me so

I cannot fight, let myself go

I swim, I dive, I’m pulled along, the currents fear I fight

Dark waters pull me ever down, my heart in coldest night

The conflicts scream, a struggle harsh, I cannot see the light

Like starlight in an empty sky, my soul shines to my sight

It fills the sky, horizons light, feet firmly on the ground

The current gone, in safety stand, upon the bank so sound

The certainty has washed away, the flow I do allow

The voice within does guide my feet, I do not know just how

The newness of the dawn does break, I grasp its light within

The warmth does rest my longing soul, affinity a new born king 

My older self is washed away, I do not recognize

I am the earth, the sea, the sky, the light within the sages’ eyes

My bones like granite stand so firm, my heart does wander free 

I am the water of this world, my soul the flow must be

Imagination points the way, it hints at what I see

Do not all rivers flow toward the oneness of the sea

Interminable, the river flows, noticed only in time

To wear away resistance, to lose the thought of ‘mine’

Like heat does change the steel, life’s river shapes the soul

Until new forms are moulded, new shapes of comfort form

In patience does life’s river work, in harmony a chord to play

New songs do fill the longing heart, to carry you away.

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Date: January 21, 2022
Author: Grupo de autores Logon
Photo: Amy Humphries on Unsplash CCO

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