Creation myth 2020

The creative force floats over the waters of the quantum field

Creation myth 2020

The heart plays an all-determining role on the path that leads to awareness, because true understanding never comes from the machinations of witty thinking. A person who wants to learn to see through creation must learn to perceive in his own heart and gauge the depth of the universe. In that depth he contemplates unity, light, limitlessness and infinite development. Where does than, short sightedness, limitation and a painful selfishness come from?

The primeval waters

The creative force floats over the waters of the quantum field. The creator appears as a unity that wants to show the observer his limitlessness, his infinity and his glory. Thus he sends out seven creative impulses. The full potential of the creator reveals itself in a mother field that can receive the seven impulses to give life to the Man of the New Age. From the quantum field this Man comes to consciousness with an observing soul. He acquires the ability to magically create from the quantum field, to perfect creation. He learns to think creatively: his thoughts are luminous images in the All. They know no limitation, but produce life. Man then sees for himself that creation is good, filled with light and infinity. The creation is felt through in love for all life. Life is one in the creator and can develop in it as a planetary unity in perfection. And thus man can ultimately serve the holy mother-earth and all the life that is on the way to perfection. And the creator sees the observer and gives them a unique independence. And the observer sends all his love in the quantum field.

The projection

Living according to the seven impulses is as being omnipresent compared to the current human consciousness. It is not limited in space and time, as our senses perceive it. When we try to imagine if there is something outside of space and time, the core of our consciousness is approaching a veil. An opening in it shows infinity from the centre of our being. It is an impression of all that exists and does not exist and is therefore unlimited for the observer. Unity expresses itself in man and at the same time it is the All itself in its infinity. The observer himself is the one who limits the revelation to what the consciousness allows.

In order to approach unity, it is therefore necessary to shake off all limitations, to detach oneself from space and time. Approaching unity is in fact a process of deepening perception. As a result of that change, the consciousness grows, so that unity can reveal itself.

Seen from this unity, our current reality is an increasing limitation of consciousness. In other words: through our consciousness, unity divides itself into parts that together represent their own limited reality. In the light of unity, that is a creation outside of the unity itself. Man is, as it were, playing with the shadows cast by the light of oneness in the sensible world. In this way a universe is projected in the shade with a beginning and an ending. As humans, we are a dot in time, each with its own desire for possession of some fragments of the unity. Thus the projection from the unity shows a fragmentation of consciousness lasting millions of years. So what was “once” suggested, we slavishly follow till the greatest possible fragmentation of the performance. Every person is caught in his own quantum physical representation of the original projection from unity.

Now something has been built into the projection that provides that the limitation can be observed again. We can therefore presume unity again, and then start to search for it. The projection is not cancelled, but increasingly placed in the light of unity. In this way, human consciousness obtains the sensation of seeing through a great illusion. After all, there is a projection going on from the unity and every person has his own way of becoming aware of this. The current cosmic change of the collective atmosphere of the projections helps with this. More and more people somehow become aware of what is going on in the collective consciousness.

Different consciousness

Reconnecting with the mother-earth – with its sevenfold unity consciousness – is equivalent to being born again. To prepare for this rebirth, a state of deep self-awareness is needed. Descending to the space of the heart is a condition for growth, because that is where the potential lies to be born into a consciousness of unity. This high energetic human potential is the core from which the unified person can be born and grow. It lives from the seven fields of the earth which, itself, is an entity within the unity of the solar body. What we see and experience from the earth without unity consciousness is the projected time-spatial variant in fragmented reality. Man expresses himself naturally with his limited sensory faculties. All of his creations are, therefore, temporary and non-existent in relation to the unity.

The cause of the limitation of consciousness lies at the root of the spine. It is an energy center that is divided into twelve spaces that relate to a twelvefold field of influence from the surrounding cosmos. With this energy center a person relates to the laws of fellow human beings, the earth, the solar system and the universe. As long as this energy field rules, man thinks within the window of the limited world. For the mind is also organized twelvefold as a mirror of the karmic root of human existence. Thereby, many people been stuck in solidified ideas because of their critical thinking. They consider the illusion of the projection actual reality.

The preparation for being born again – let’s call it a quantum leap of consciousness – is to fully accept the reflection activity, the karma, and learn to observe this compared with the unity. This is possible by having the light of the spiritual sun illuminate the spaces of the unconscious part of the psyche. The spiritual moon is the accomplishment of this activity over time. If you let life pass in this way, without wanting to change anything, then everything shows itself in the light of this spiritual sun. It thus relieves all the results of the root fire: the human neuroses. Observing and being grateful for the insight that is obtained can result in the magical completion of the birth of the unity consciousness. The sevenfold love potential in the heart then takes its space. In a sudden revelation the sevenfold mother-earth can then be seen. This creation follows from the new perception of creation from the waters of the quantum field. From that moment on, a person can again work in the sevenfold field of the earth.

Spiritual growth

The heart is a magnetically charged center that polarizes the human system in a specific, personal way. Because of this polarization, people have the sensation of a coherent perception of their environment every day. It is one’s own personal limited perception of a part of the quantum energy field. It is like a projection screen of the psyche for what is going to be projected. The root fire of the plexus sacralis projects into the psyche all that follows from the karmic energy. In this way, a person participates in a projection into a limited reality, which is maintained by many identically polarized student-creators. The experience of birth and death is part of the collective projection. Within this cyclical law, there are always new polarizations and new realities. A person who is going to perceive this from his magnetic heart can become aware of the limiting mechanism of the heart polarization. It is focused on itself. It wants to keep a particle of unity for itself, in self-love. Self-awareness changes this polarization by allowing one to look at one’s own life with all its results in a free, amazed, never accusing manner. The unity consciousness then fully develops and eventually extinguishes the karmic root fire.

Before this aware state of being, karma is still projecting itself through thoughts and feelings, most of which are unconscious. They thus create a reservoir of polarized unconscious attackers of the unity consciousness. They always find sufficient weaknesses in the psyche. They are the source of suffering. Destroying this source is the great task of every person who wants to work in the fields of the holy mother-earth. This is the great work to which more and more souls devote their lives. In connection with each other, they cross the collective neuroses that control the psyche. The big job is to become ineligible for the motivations that arise from these neuroses. Then one can transcend the projection and begin to live from the spiritual source that flows continuously from oneness, which is the re-creation of real life.

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Date: February 6, 2020
Author: John van den Berg (Netherlands)
Photo: Olga Boyarkina

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