Cords of life

Is there more than one source of life? Can we find a new source of life?

Cords of life

As we all know, from conception to birth, all forms of mammalian life

are nourished by an umbilical cord – something very crucial for life, yet

from the outside of the maternal body, completely unseen. This of

course applies to us as well, the human being. As we also know, shortly

after birth all nourishment from the umbilical cord ceases and at a

certain point we are detached from it. We are out in the world, in a very

different environment, on our own.

We breathe, we learn to feed, walk, exist, independently. Or so it seems.

We are no longer fed internally from our mother.


So what happens? How do we survive?

In one sense we no longer physically have a “cord” supplying us with all

our nutrients, our nerve signals, our sustenance – no longer a physical

connection with a source of life – but in another sense we develop a

replacement, another source of life, another umbilical cord of a different

nature. One that we cannot see or perceive in any way, or certainly not

at that point in life. Slowly, imperceptibly, from our environment, our

food, our family influences, life and the earth itself, we begin to develop

an invisible umbilical cord capable of feeding us, just as effectively, as

the one from which we have been detached at our physical birth.

We may spend a lifetime, or part of a lifetime, building this new

connecting “cord” – nurturing it, protecting it, justifying its existence

and its dependence on the world around us. For the most part, that cord

is well plugged-in to the ever-changing, increasingly chaotic physical



At a certain point in our life – depending perhaps on our parents, our

environment, our life struggles, we might become conscious of this –

this dependence on this unseen source of life. Even more so, we might

begin to question it, to feel uncomfortable about it, even to want to

shake it off, become free of it. Can we do that? Can we live

independently of it, as we did of the first cord? **Could it be that

through our life experiences and our resultant inner changes we could

“outgrow” our dependance on this cord, just as we did the first one at

birth? That we start to feel a stranger in our surroundings, that

something is missing in our life – that we need “something else”?

What makes us aware of that, what makes us start searching for

it?Might it be that there is yet another source of life, another “cord” in

existence? One from which, until a certain point, we have not opened

ourselves for its nourishment? **If that were so, might that be what we

are unconsciously and consciously searching for? Could it be possible

that, through inwardly changing and reorientation over a period of

time, we are able to connect ourselves once again to a new source of

Life, a new umbilical cord? A cord offering nourishment from a

different, a spiritual source, a source much-needed in today’s world?

As **fellow-travellers on a spiritual path, we believe and experience

that that is indeed possible – and we would like to share this

understanding with you. We believe that many people, without

perceiving what is happening to them, are undergoing this process in

their lives right now.

Perhaps you are one of them?

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Date: December 4, 2017
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Pixabay CC0

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