Christmas as an inner celebration – a response to Corona (Part 2)

The virus that makes us physically ill today is a reflection of the illness of our inner being.

Christmas as an inner celebration – a response to Corona (Part 2)

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The centre is stirring, the long hidden, the buried, the unheard centre. Our lives take place on the outside of things, and here we meet as strangers. But when the centre awakens, we meet in the heart.

Corona and all the trappings we are experiencing take place on the outside. They whip up the waves, stir up fears, and so we cannot find the centre. The message of the centre, the message of the divine within us can only be heard in inner silence.

A creative activity

The divine-spiritual is a creative activity. It shows itself in the basic forms of nature and in the human form. The creative impulses work in silence, shaping, stimulating. I can open myself to them, I can even experience something of them when my inner space breaks open and its light fills my consciousness. The spiritual impulses are spiritual light. They come from a spiritual universe and they come continuously, their creative work has no end. It is the motor that underlies evolution.

In the material forms of nature, the spiritual confronts itself. It recognises itself in them, it reflects itself in them, and it stimulates the creatures to become an ever better reflection of their spiritual source. Selections take place in nature, adaptations, better or worse chances for survival open up. But creative ideas have an effect on all this, life – and soul – flow into matter. We human beings grow cold in our lives and become barren if we do not find the relationship to the spiritual-soul source of life within us and everything.

Now we experience how a virus, the smallest of all living beings, intervenes in our existence. It shows us where we stand. Forces have also materialised in viruses. What are these forces?

Let us look at ourselves. Impulses emanate from us that have an effect on nature. We have grown into a co-responsibility for creation. Human co-responsibility – this thought could become the guiding principle of the 21st century.

If we want to do justice to our task, we must place our relationship with nature on a new basis. The materialistic view is no longer sufficient. We have to insert ourselves into the currents of life. The one life differentiates itself in the many creatures, entirely in accordance with the impulses that work in the currents of life.

All impulses are reflected in matter, all soul energies are absorbed and bound by the forms of nature. Nature cannot avoid any impulse; it must embody everything that penetrates it soul-energetically. It gives it form and thereby makes the underlying impulse recognisable.

Viruses are part of our existence

New research shows us the extent to which viruses are part of our human existence. The first thing that ever existed in the living world were viruses. They consist almost entirely of the basic building blocks of life and carry genetic information into the cells of other living beings.

Viruses are highly dynamic beings that are in a state of continuous change and adaptation to their environment. They contribute significantly to the development of life forms.

Innumerable viruses live in every human organism and they do not cause diseases, but, along with the other microorganisms, constantly establish a new balance, especially in our metabolism. And new viruses are always being formed.

If we realise that they have a regulatory function, in the individual organisms and in the ecosystem as a whole, is it not obvious to assume that we are the ones who disturb this balance and that the corona virus SARS-Cov 2 turns to us to eliminate the disturbance?

We are destroying the habitats of many animals with our external lifestyle behaviour. Furthermore, we have introduced factory farming. So now the viruses that live in the animals and maintain the organic balance there are coming closer to us. When they enter us, they become germs of disease.

They enter us as a correspondence to our inner being. They match us, our thoughts, emotions, sensations and decisions of will. The virus that makes us physically ill today is a reflection of the illness of our inner being. It is one of the results of man’s present co-creativity. Something of our inner being is imprinted in it.

We have a certain freedom in the way we live our lives, and we make use of it.

A consequence of the information age

We are living in the information age; the media make it possible for thoughts and emotions to accumulate and concentrate on a global scale. Events in politics, economics, culture, sport and other fields cause human emotions to be collectively whipped up and the soul spaces of the earth to be set ablaze. Where do these forces go, where do they settle? They fill the earth’s atmosphere. Paul observed this already 2000 years ago and said: they are princes and powers under heaven (Eph. 6).

The earth’s atmosphere absorbs the collective psychic energies. Thinking and feeling in which the ego takes centre stage, our orientation towards the material, our forgetting of the spiritual, our disregard for other forms of life – all this leads to energies arising that are directed against the life of nature. Purely materialistic thinking has moved too far away from the spiritual. Nature must provide the balance. It strives to establish a balance again and again.

At first, the forces gather like clouds. At some point they reach saturation levels and pour into the realms of nature. Nature has to absorb them, has to embody them, in a way that corresponds to the kind of the impulses. The animals and plants assimilate as much of them as they can and, as a result, the animals and plants are undergoing changes – and not for the better. And at some point they pass on to humans what they can no longer carry on their own.

This is how the viruses reach us as corrective factors. It is happening globally today, because the impulses and their results are the outgrowth of a humanity that is now prevalent worldwide. We all have to bear the effects, they are part of the karma of humanity.

What comes from man ultimately returns to him. The destructive energy that emanates from us returns to us as a balancing mechanism. It can destroy us in order to restore balance. But we can also consciously restore balance by changing ourselves. We can become a blessing for all living things.

The environmental problems on the outside are abundantly clear. Their causes lie in the inner sphere. Through the virus that addresses us, we can recognise that within us which corresponds to the virus.

Many hope for vaccines. But what good are vaccines if our thinking does not change?

Viruses mutate all the time. We will always need new vaccines. But if we look more closely, we have to say: we will be confronted with ourselves in ever more painful ways. Until we finally realise, until we finally start to see.

Recognising our responsibility

It is a matter of our awakening, of our becoming complete, of recognising our great responsibility, for the earth, for nature, for human life. The divine life source is within us. It enables us to join the creative life currents. The divine in us wants to create soul spaces through which we have a healing effect on nature – with new thoughts, thoughts of empathy for all living things, with new sensations, sensations of a deep connection with everything.

When the need is greatest, salvation is also near. The divine aspect in us stirs, it wants to be recognised. We can open the door of our heart to him.

Why should we not celebrate Christmas properly for once? The inner star casts its light into us. We can consecrate the night, we can consecrate ourselves by awakening. Our inner light can embrace other people, can embrace nature, can embrace the earth. And nature will express it.

We need a new, an unheard-of new light of being human.

Such a light breaks forth in silence, at a distance, at a distance from the world’s movements.

Let us wish each other such a Christmas.


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Date: December 21, 2020
Author: Gunter Friedrich (Germany)
Photo: Marion Pellikaan

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