Beinsa Douno – He Who Brings the Good in the World – Part 2

“What we all need to do is to open the windows of our soul, so that the Sun could enter and illuminate it.”

Beinsa Douno – He Who Brings the Good in the World – Part 2

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To make abstract subjects more understandable and concrete for us, we must recognize them in ourselves. Spirit cannot be connected directly to matter, because the difference in vibration is too big. The rays of the Spirit need an intermediary: that is the soul. The soul can breathe life into the material body due to its etheric nature. Hence, we see that the perfect human being is a threefold unity of spirit, soul and body. Spiritual power becomes soul power, which in its turn becomes physical power. That is how the Good comes into the world. That is why Beinsa Douno said: “What we all need to do is to open the windows of our soul, so that the Sun could enter and illuminate it.”

Peter Deunov

The subject is both simple and complicated at the same time. The problem is that our soul quality or the level of vibration of our soul is, in general, not suitable to receive the Spirit. Our endless wanderings in the material world have done a lot of damage to our soul. We suffer from soul degeneration. Seen from a spiritual angle, we are all ill. That is why our soul needs to be purified and reborn. This rebirth of the soul is one of the true mysteries of Life.

Once I was travelling around in the area of the seven Rila lakes. It was one of the beloved places of Beinsa Douno. There he delivered many lectures to his pupils, surrounded by the purity and the serene beauty of these mountain lakes. I was wandering around a bit and suddenly I stood before two universal and mighty symbols. They were made from white stones which were arranged next to each other on the ground; one was a circle with a dot in the center, the other was a circle with a five-pointed star, a pentagram, inside. Later, I learned that that this was the place where the Master had put up his tent when they were on summer camp.

These two symbols, when we learn to understand them, tell us everything we need to know in order to return Home. Let’s start at the beginning. Symbols have more meanings, but for our purpose, I interpret the circle and the dot as the human microcosm with the spirit-spark in its center. The microcosm is a sevenfold spiritual creation: it consists of seven fields of life which correspond to the seven rays of the Spirit. The spirit-spark is the primordial beginning of the microcosm. In other words, the microcosm is an emanation of the spirit-spark.

Rosicrucians call this spirit-spark also “the rose” and it is a rose with seven petals. It means that the rose consists of seven spiritual principles. Just as the white Light of Christ can be split into the seven rays of the Spirit, the white rose (called also the Christ-atom) can be split into seven spiritual building principles. These spiritual principles, or seed-atoms, form the basis of the new soul body. This reborn soul, when it matures, can be symbolized as a five-pointed star, a pentagram.

I think that Beinsa Douno referred to this inner rebirth when he said:

The Spirit always tries to use the lower life and impregnate it with higher vibrations. In the spiritual life both men and women give birth, so they both conceive and conceive in a very noble way. If someone is not spiritually conceived, that person feels unhappy. These secrets have been known for thousands of years; but contemporary society has retarded in spirituality.

It is logical that this new soul, this reborn soul, connects to the seven rays of the Spirit because its foundation is the Spirit. Now the Good has come into the world because the Spirit is in the soul and the soul is in the body.

With regard to the body, there are complications, however, because the body is very different from the reborn soul and the Spirit. That’s why the Rosicrucians say that the body must be transformed or ‘transfigured’. Otherwise, a unity between those three is not possible. The body should not drag the soul out of its central position towards material values, but exactly the opposite is needed. The body needs to climb up to the soul, purify itself in the radiation of the soul and, in this way, dissolve all earthly chains. I interpret the following words of Beinsa Douno in this way, that theTestament of the Color Rays’ can help us with the unification of these three aspects:

The Testament of the Color Rays of Light is a method of harmonization and connection with the Beings of the Light who are of great support for us. Christ is coming now to reconnect the humankind with the Powers of the Light. Christ would like to remind you that the Way is within us: in the unity of body, soul and spirit. Christ wants us to have the body healed, the soul expanded and the spirit empowered to be able to accept the Truth.

Let us work with the Light, because it is most essential to Life and everything depends on it. And after we apply and include all colors in our life, the Seven Spirits will unite in the human being and it will return to its origin becoming one with the Source.

It seems that the booklet ‘The Testament of the Color Rays’ is a tool for attuning our body to our soul, and our soul to the Spirit. (The English version is available on the internet via this link:

Beinsa Douno gave the following practical advice:

Before you begin to work with the Color Rays of Light, if you have any kind of discomfort, bad mood, anxiety, etc. first read the verses related to the pink color for harmonization. Only when you restore your inner peace and balance, you will be able to proceed further and act correctly.

Maybe in our days not many people read quotes from the Bible anymore. But inner Christianity has nothing to do with all dogmatic interpretations which have done so much damage to the teachings of Christ. Inner Christianity is all about the Living Christ: “For the kingdom of God is not in words, but in power.”[1] It is about “Life” in its deepest sense. It seems to me that this small booklet, when used in the right way, could do a lot of Good to our daily life, which is so full of tensions, conflicts and fears.

Beinsa Douno said: “Most people are still sleeping, but the Seven Spirits are acting now, the last tube is sounding (…)”. It means that we must prepare ourselves; a new time is coming. The Seven Spirits bring us the fiery radiations of the Age of Aquarius. We should use them wisely, because if the Seven Spirits start blowing in the sails of our soul, then our celestial vessel sets course for the eternal home of our Father.

God is Love.

[1] 1 Corinthians 4:20

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Date: October 25, 2021
Author: Niels van Saane (Bulgaria)
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