A New Path

The beginning of the path leading us home.

A New Path

Let’s take an adventurous stroll. A stroll along a path through life, both individually and as collective humanity. A stroll not just through this current life as we experience it, but also through the many lives that have preceded us and left their impressions in our life-field.

This journey can be long and tedious, stretching over many lifetimes. Good times alternating with bad, happy with sad. A multitude of life experiences. We are currently climbing a mountain, reaching its peak with gratitude, seeing more peaks in the distance which can only be reached by first descending into a valley before starting a new ascent. Before us is a lush green valley and we push on through. All valleys will be different, as will be the mountains that we climb. Sometimes the valleys we will come across on our journey might be a desert, bleak and drab and we will feel that we can no longer pursue our goal.

What is our goal? We have set out to discover a new path, previously untraversed, seemingly somewhere in the distance but in reality closer than hands and feet. Actually within us, but we cannot perceive it as yet. We change our clothing, our outer appearance in accordance with the changes in temperature and the altitude, but we do not look within. Our body ages, our health deteriorates, but we push on. One day we realise that each mountain peak takes us to a higher place than the previous one and that in the process of getting there we have had to unburden some of our load, leaving much behind. Thoughts, ideas, emotions are jettisoned along the way.

We climb higher and higher and notice that the descents are getting lesser and lesser, the landscape is flattening, becoming more like a plateau but still climbing ever upwards. At the highest point this plateau opens out into a beautiful, calm and serene plain, encompassed by a peace beyond all imagination, beyond all previous experiences. We continue on into this plain, this new realm, and realise that we no longer have any attachments to the realm we have left behind. We continue as before on this life-path but we realise that we are at the same time somewhere else. Indeed a strange experience which is at first somewhat alarming. But even more alarming is turning back, as we might tend to do at this stage, discovering that the path we have come on is no longer apparent. We risk falling into a chasm, becoming aware of the depths to which humanity has fallen and which we have now left behind. A great sadness encompasses us for the state of humanity but also a profound peace and a deep yearning for the new reality, the new path we are now embarking upon.

And so we proceed in this peaceful place learning as we go from the mistakes we still make in our life, learning not to become entangled in the remnants of our own life in which we still live. Indeed there is a new path ahead with an as yet unperceived destination.

We continue on, discovering as we proceed, a new feeling of freedom, new perceptions, new sensitivities. We can move freely now, no longer burdened by the things that tied us down, things we have left behind. From time to time they try to tempt us back, but there is no going back and we have a new ability and strength to reject them. We are seeing things in a new way, indeed we are in a different space now, a totally new reality. Our interactions with fellow travellers (and we discover there are more than a few) have changed, we recognise an emerging new ability to perceive them, to understand them. There is a sense of inner peace and being at one with all around us in this amazingly different reality but also the recognition that it is just a beginning, a completely new beginning. A new path, leading us home.

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Date: April 11, 2023
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Lili Popper on Unsplash CCO

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