A Litany of the awakened

Beatitudes of the marginalized or Let's walk in the cheerful knowledge

A Litany of the awakened

Blessed are you, you who are moving forward on the margin, living on the razor’s edge. Your senses are sharpened and alive to more subtle foods – they won’t be thoroughly swayed by the bright lights and glamour of your culture. You see beyond the mass media. No external objects can satisfy your aspirations. You have become as a stranger, foreign to the world. You no longer scan your territory with enthusiasm; you explore it centred in your regained sovereignty. The soil that you tread is the ground of experience to develop qualities that will let you live in absolute freedom. You are the king’s madman who can afford to tell him of his madness. You are his mirror and he is yours. And your kingdom is on the other side of his world.

Blessed are you, who force open the doors of the sheepfold for those who are asleep to breathe the clear air of the night.

Blessed are you, who feed your dreams and desires, ideals and utopias, as sooner or later, as Goethe says, they will come to life.

Blessed are you, who get rid of the fear of no longer being a robot in the social machine, a mindless clone marching obediently to another’s beat.

Blessed are you, who take leave of the Human Carnival, to take your strait jacket off and behold your inner beauty.

Blessed are you, who no longer allow yourself to be fooled, but rather find out by examining all aspects of materiality and thought, that Maya is the basis of ignorance.

Blessed are you, in whom arises your ideal homeland, as a faith springing forth from the deep call of the heart, beckoning you to a new and fertile realm.

Blessed are you, who finally, inwardly driven byword and action, are carried to a harmony with this realm, out of reach of all illusion and the impositions of language.

Blessed, yes, blessed, my brother, my sister, that you keep an eye opened so that other hearts can still be reborn into the reality behind the appearance.

Yes, let’s walk in the cheerful knowledge of the margin, in the strong wind, on the edge of the open sea!


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Date: March 13, 2018
Author: Michaël STORMS (Belgium)
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