A Blossoming Gate

The Voice of the Young Generation - Part 3

A Blossoming Gate

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It is a warm and sunny April morning, filled with joy and delight.  You feel very energetic, but somehow empty inside as always.  You decided to go for a walk in the forest which you always wanted to visit but couldn’t because of your busy schedule.  The flowers were blossoming, and birds were singing beautiful melodies.  You found a path strewn with small white stones.  Blossoming roses in different colours decorated the stone path on the right and left side.  Somehow your heart spoke to you to follow this path.

You noticed how some other people were walking in front, as well as behind you.  You realized how all of them, including yourself, were walking towards something, in a way calling out, but you weren’t sure what it was, you just knew that this was the right way.  At the end of the path there was a flower gate with yellow roses shining like gold.  You admired the beauty of nature, and somehow the emptiness within you became a little less.  You buried yourself in thoughts:

We are walking on the steep rocky path which feels just like walking through the path of life –cold, rough and hard, but if we think about it, we are like the rocks.  Harsh and sharp, but we also have some of the more positive features: we endure like the rocks – neither rain nor snow can stop us.

You continued to observe the people who were walking with you.  You noticed how everybody had their own pace – one was stepping slowly forward, another was marching very fast, almost running; some were walking with their partner hand in hand, but others wandered silently alone.  Some preferred to talk while walking, and others wanted to be alone with their own thoughts.

You sat on a bench next to the gate engulfed in blossoms.  You watched how everyone was passing through this mysterious, but somehow familiar gate.  You watched how the people who were walking just next to you, disappeared once they had passed through the flowering gate.

Where are they going?” – you thought.  Even though you didn’t know, your heart desired to follow them.  You continued to stare silently and lonely.  Out of the blue, a woman approached you with kindness and a beautiful smile on her face.

“My dear, come with us!  You are not alone, let us help you.”- She told you with a calming voice.

“Can I? Can I really join you?” – You ask curiously.

“Of course, you can, my dear! Don’t you see, the golden rose gate is widely open!


Without thinking further, you stood up and walked together with all the people through the beautiful, shining rose gate.


(To be continued in part 4)

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Date: May 25, 2023
Author: Lora Draganova (Bulgaria)
Photo: by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash CCO

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