Spiritual Christmas

Spiritual Christmas

Free online program ‘Spiritual Christmas’


‘To actually follow a spiritual path requires that we find the inspiration for this in our lives so that we become aware that we are twofold beings affected by both heaven and earth. On this basis and through an urge from within we strive to give expression to our inner heavenly being in daily life. Although the journey may be long and at times difficult, it is a journey that everyone must begin at some point, in this life or in a future one.

The path of the soul, situated between heaven and earth, between the personality and the inner man, will at some point arrive at a border. The human being at the border is aware that he/she could still evolve in a number of ways: the social, cultural and scientific horizons have not yet been reached by far…. But what lies beyond these horizons? What do those opportunities for development really contribute to finding the truth? Is achieving this development what one really wants? Beyond that border, two paths diverge: the outer path which we have been following for so long and an inner path.

At this crossroads, the human being who consciously chooses the inner path, due to an irresistible urge, will actually give shape to the inner being. On that path, the outer person can learn step by step how he can best fulfil his mission and vocation as a ‘creative being’ and give way to the other-one-within: he makes the paths straight for the one who comes after him. Put in this way, a spiritual path is a process during which two beings, an outer and an inner one, are both born and accompany each other on their way.’

                                                                                          quote from Dec 23: ‘Spiritual Christmas’



The free online program ‘Spiritual Christmas’ is now available for registration. Throughout 16 days, you will receive daily inspirations, as a text as well as in audio, for contemplation on the fathomless spiritual profundity of the mystery of Christmas: the Light-birth in the stable of the human heart.

Sign up at:

Spiritual Texts Academy

and be sure to receive these special inspirations by email over the full Christmas period, beginning on December 22nd and ending on January 6th.

The titles of the 16 daily emails will be:

December 22 Preparing yourself

December 23 Recognizing the inner man in yourself

December 24 Making your paths straight

December 25 Giving birth to the divine being in yourself

December 26 In this sign you will conquer

December 27 Your magic gifts

December 28 Overcoming resistances

December 29 Your assignment in life

December 30 Looking back at the past

December 31 Taking leave of your teachers

January 1        Unfolding your talents

January 2       The hidden treasures in your heart

January 3       Attention for your inner development

January 4       Awakening of the spirit-consciousness within you

January 5       Seven fundamental principles for your life

January 6       The descent of the Holy Breath


Spiritual Texts Academy is an online resource to enable the development of your inner self by contemplating sacred scriptures during online programs. The book “Spiritual Christmas” with all texts is available now for €14.50 (excl postage) and can be ordered by sending an email to info@goldenrosycross.ie.

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Date: December 17, 2018

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