You will be those who will save the world

Being on a wave of transformation, on the line between discouragement and salvation.

You will be those who will save the world

A slight sense of faintness, maybe a virus … my energy is in free fall. The malaise in the depths of my soul lacks the usual power, but right now just a cold is enough! What quagmire is my consciousness getting lost in today? While I am meditating in the pale September, the mist filling the air is not the typical azure and violet, sometimes pinkish, fog hovering on the autumn fields. Instead, it is the grey residue of pollutants, retained and concentrated by the Alps chain on our fertile plain, which is made ugly by the pressure of intensive farming and abundant spraying.

Today the chemical trails are not visible, but the other day they were thick and widespread. The few fruit trees in the backyard are suffering from various diseases. It is unavoidable that wasps and hornets are feeding on them, leaving me only the leftovers.  I don’t want to set up traps since I don’t want to eliminate bees, bumblebees and other insects. After the hand-operated pollination experiment in China, researchers are speaking about bionic bees, small drones for carrying * the nectar from one flower to another. Our scientific culture seems to be losing its objectivity, and is drifting into mechanistic illusions. Limited to the horizontal vibratory level, it gets lost, locked up in one of the endless possibilities, plans for controlling life filling up the universe. An unforgivable lowering of the mind!

In my illness, which reflects the illness of my environment, it seems to be me, so watchful and attentive, who experiences the “plan”. A plan whose goal it is to discourage all the searching souls, depriving them of the appropriate strength to climb the mountain, up to the place where materiality fades from view.…

Cues and reflections are opening within me like a fan. Pandora’s box is boiling and seething, and erupts through every chink which I am trying to cap – will it be just like that, as Rudolf Steiner predicted a century ago? The purpose of this plan, the “great game”, is to prevent mankind from performing a quantum leap towards the inner Realm, when the time is ready. The pineal gland is under fire! The chaotic reality of the landscapes in which we live reminds us of the desert, a reflection of our own inner desert of disempowerment.

Obviously everybody measures with their own meter, looks with their own lens – some celebrate the unlimited progress, while others perceive a land devastated by subtle or blatant wars, which provoke an ocean of despair.

In order to survive in a desert in an advanced stage of entropy, all of us are giving their best, in an attempt to exorcise fear: in some cases we exercise our discernment, in some other case we buy kilometer zero products, we are pleasant and proactive, or we promote biodiversity.

The ones who realize that they are in “Christian Rosycross’ tomb” can get lost in this big desert of disillusion; yet they look forward to a haven, and do not belong to the unaware and litigious masses, nor are they people who just worry about their day to day livelihood…. Yet this is exactly where we can get lost!

The heart would always like to save the world, the planet we share, the one we love with all our might. But this birthplace itself displays the signs of the end. Despite the most heartfelt appeals, mankind is perishing because of its extreme freedom – freedom to rush headlong towards the end; freedom to live in an accelerating frenzy.

But for those that do not give up, there is no peace. Where does this tension towards life arise from – this never-ending rebellion against appearance and fate? Can it be perhaps a redemption pledge that is coming to consciousness in the midst of our own inertia?

This is not the unchanging realm, indeed. We do know that everything here withers after it blooms, and we are not spared the signs of this process.
How do we deal with such signs? They appear in the most varied form – as hurricanes, deluges, scenes of violence, and apparitions or half-human puppets, as seen in some Egyptian tomb or on a toy shelf, or in some distant night dream. Somebody has even taken pictures of them. No, they don’t frighten us! What we fear is the precise, the punctual but nevertheless undefined.

According to the psychiatrist Corrado Malanga, there is the case of aliens who only approach us if we summon them; they can only have power over us if we let them in. And what are we open to? What do we fear? We don’t know – we alone summon our enemies, without realizing it. Actually these appearances can do nothing towards the one who is awakened: there is no scenario sufficiently fearful to overwhelm him, because the new human type has a characteristic invulnerability of the soul. And what if some of us were to demonstrate this with their own life? Everybody would benefit!

The forces of the Light ensure the path to liberation lies before all those who seek to walk it. And in our response, in our power of love, the divine Plan that will answer the suffering and ignorance of humanity is brought about. Becoming conscious in order to irradiate consciousness is the only means, the greatest gift we can give each other and to the community, as well as to ourselves.

The “enemies” are not the “aeons”, or those greedy for power. Neither is the pollution, nor the impoverishment. The enemy is the sleep of Reason, the lack of the superior Reason. It is the absence of Manas, the one who knows the true original Plan and projects it outwards. This Plan is inscribed in the depths of everyone’s heart. The point is that we each accomplish it – all who are called to this task, throughout all levels of existence, from matter to Spirit, by improving the Form, by polishing the Stone: it’s our mission. This is why it is necessary to know it deeply, to know its Nature, its Function.

The chemical trails, the climatic war, the impoverishment…they are all factual data. I am no longer afraid to recognize them. This gives me some relief. Even though some of us humans are waking up (let’s say 10%), the masses are asleep. It’s like a leprosy devastating 90% of the body. Has the healthy part, the 10%, the possibility of healing the whole? Maybe yes … but if so, how? How to stop the degradation? Certainly not by fearing the unforeseen events or the atmospheric forces…

The only way to gain clarity is by purifying the heart and mind of any idea that creates prejudice, and then to move towards the essential. We are the world, and therefore everything is happening within us. The plan of the Spirit, which becomes our plan the moment we embrace it and redirect our life towards it, is reflected outside of us when we achieve it within us. Giving a shape to our idea of God, is equivalent to re-creating it. This depends on how much of this idea we have integrated in our experience, in our actions.

We cannot impose the watchfulness nor the beauty on anybody if they prefer degradation. But we can give strength to our World, as a renewed Heaven-Land, so that it can operate at every level with an irradiation which unmasks, heals and nourishes with light and love what was before darkness and despair.

The Earth reflects all the human creations, and we know it must give way to a New Earth, devised by the Logos. That is to say, by the sum of all the creations of renewed souls, according to the Spirit. Our environment is the faithful mirror of what we are, just as in quantum physics, the result of the experiment is related to the expectations of the investigator.

If the goal consists of recreating the World, starting from our inner world, it is necessary to live from the inside out, and our life will be like a garden. The Soul must be cleaned up, weeds removed, illusions chased away. Pure water must pour forth from the Centre of our inner haven, and flowers and fruits will be able to prosper luxuriantly. They are the ideas and actions that we project onto the world around us. Then our world will change, transforming also the world of countless others.

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Date: June 8, 2020
Author: Mariaberica Buzzaccarini (Italy)
Photo: Sabadelval - Pixabay CCO

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