What voices speak within us?

What voices speak within us?

Our inner world is filled with countless thoughts, desires, predispositions, and reactions. Can we transform the great memory of our existence?

We can affirm that no human being is the same as another. Each consciousness manifests itself under very particular conditions — such as genetic combination, the zodiacal firmament at the time of birth, family, social and cultural environment, and the historical moment in which one lives, among many other variables.

Let’s also consider the unique way we each perceive everything around ourselves: our own way of thinking, desiring, feeling, acting, and reacting to everything life presents.

Each one lives in their own universe and constructs a singular life experience, reinforcing or transforming at every moment the structures of their reality bubble.

The notion that every human being inhabits a minutus mundus (Latin) or microcosm (Greek), that means a small world, is not new.

We find references to this in the works of esoteric authors from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These ideas were rescued from sources that go back hundreds or thousands of years. It is a knowledge as ancient as humanity itself, often called Universal Wisdom or Perennial Philosophy due to its timeless nature.

And what does this ancient knowledge have to tell us today? Is it possible to know better our own nature through these ideas? Certainly yes! Knowing oneself allows us to understand the situation in which humanity finds itself, and this is the first step towards change.

What we understand as “ourselves” is largely the result of the interaction of forces or “voices”. It is up to each one of us to understand the different influences that manifest in our intricate individual universe, determining our current state of consciousness.

We can say that our abilities to perceive, reflect, feel, and act in the face of daily experiences constitute the voice of our own conscious being, with all the residues created by our faculties.

The voice of our self-affirmation or identification, which is expressed in the subconscious, is shaped by the residual reinforcement of our own identity, preconceived perceptions, ideas, preferences, and accumulated convictions.

The voice of our karmic past, the unconscious, comes through the experience gained through countless cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.

The voice of the macrocosm corresponds to the zodiacal configuration at the moment of birth and the cosmic influences poured upon humanity, such as in the current transition from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius.

Finally, the voice of the divine within us is the longing for something we cannot explain but, nonetheless, we deeply yearn for; it is our intuition that a higher existence must be possible; an impulse that comes from the inner spiritual being.

Discerning the voices that are echoed in our consciousness allows us to obtain some freedom of action. Without this, we do not live consciously, we only react to impulses and tensions that manifest incessantly within us.

When consciousness is able to perceive the chaos of this inner state and grows weary of it, it is possible to quiet down and silence this endless buzz. Only then can the voice that has always been serenely present be heard.

The consciousness capable of living from this single and powerful impulse can promote the complete transformation of its inner world, replacing the impulses of the past and common nature with the force of eternity. It reaches life in the superconsciousness, thus fulfilling the vocation of its true being.

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Date: May 8, 2024
Author: Group of LOGON authors (Brazil)
Photo: By sorinsoner from pixabay

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