We Can Wake Up from the Destiny We Have Shaped for Ourselves

We Can Wake Up from the Destiny We Have Shaped for Ourselves

In this day and age, man is faced with a barrier.  He can wake up as if from a nightmare and ask himself whether he is still the master of himself.

He can come to self-knowledge and decide to hand over the direction of his life to his true divine self.  In this context, I was allowed to have a blissful experience.

The Cosmic Urge Towards the Same Goal

Are we aware that in our spiritual depths we are in unity with all other living beings?  We are all creations of the same source of life and consciousness.  We may go through different stages of development, but every single living being, down to the smallest atom, is pressing towards the same goal, in order to take its place in absolute harmony, in the world of matter and spirit.

This absolute universal harmony is realised on the basis of the spiritual unity of all life and its unfoldment in rhythmic, pulsating processes of growth.

The life of plants, animals, celestial bodies, the tides … and also the outer and inner life of the human being, runs in rhythms and cycles that are subject to the law of cause and effect.  Indian philosophy calls it the law of karma, according to which every mental or physical act of man (karma means “deed”) produces an effect, which, under the law of divine justice (nemesis), requires balance.

This requirement extends beyond the death of a human being.  The spiritual process of re-embodiment (reincarnation) underlies the above-mentioned universal progression.  It proves that the eternally manifesting universal life that originates from the divine, makes possible the recurring cycles according to the law of cause and effect, and guarantees the eventual entry into the eternal, absolute, divine harmony and love.

We are free children of the universe and remain inseparably connected with it.  Our destiny is interwoven with the cosmic plan, and the balance of divine harmony can be experienced by us through our individual karma.  In our essence we are our divine self, which guides us as pure spiritual consciousness.  Therefore, karma can never be outside of us, and no god directs our destiny from the outside.

Our true self is the silent inner witness, our higher nature, which interweaves all karmic activity within us, and yet remains untouched by it.

There are two organs in our head through which the karmic energies operate, and that lead us on the path towards balancing action, feeling and thinking:

  • the Third Eye[1], perceives dimensions beyond the physical world, and communicates them to us through intuitions; it can look within, and see our true state of being, and
  • the pineal gland, which is connected to the Third Eye, and expresses the karmic urge in the physical body.

We are therefore the embodied part of our self.  The physical, elemental, psychological and intellectual parts of our being, are all specific aspects of our constitution; they are the gross and subtle shells through which our inner self is expressed in action.  We are not yet it’s ideal form of expression, which is why we feel the urge to transform.  All cosmic activity ultimately interacts with our spiritual nature.

As free children of the universe, we also have a free will and experience the divine harmony to the extent that we co-operate with its laws and currents of life.  If we were not willing to hurt our brother, karma-nemesis would have no reason to work.  We ourselves shape and are our destiny.

Man is a living, small cosmos.  His whole body, right down to the atom, is bursting with life.  The life atoms in him are like his children.  They are shaped by his thoughts, feelings and desires, and also his good or bad habits and passions; thus, they can flourish or become ill.  Psychic and physical illnesses can be karmically linked in this way.  Seeds sown in past lives push outwards from the inside and manifest.

In this moment, in the present time, man is facing a barrier.  This is also true of our society, indeed for the whole of humanity.  Standing before this barrier, man can wake up as if from a nightmare and ask himself whether he is still the master of himself.  He can come to self-knowledge and decide to hand over the direction of this life to his true divine self.

Every crisis and illness are a karmic gift of divine harmony and its laws, through which man can again become aware of himself and his true task.  The absolute divine harmony remains open as an eternal experience for him.

A Blissful Experience

Sickness and also death are among those experiences that can give the soul greater depth.  These experiences are not always limited to the suffering person, the soul can form a deep bond with close confidants, which can become a source of insight and inspiration for both.  Several years ago, a soul friend of mine fell ill with a serious illness.  I was allowed to accompany him spiritually during the last six months of his life, and this time unfolded into moments of peaceful joy for both of us.

At first, when he came home after a long stay in the hospital, he still seemed trapped in an astral sphere of fear.  He saw only ‘water’ under and around him, in which dangerous beings worked and robbed him of the breath of life.

He had been born in 1940 at the beginning of the Second World War, and the dark vibrational signature of that time had hindered his free breath.  Even as a small child he had been ill with severe pneumonia, which never really healed during his long, relatively healthy life. It only broke out later in life in the form of various symptoms that now formed the character of his illness.

He slept a lot, slowly became calmer, and the fear of a ‘water around him’ slowly faded.  I could experience how this deep soul connection awakened perceptions that were surprising and new to me.  A few weeks before his death, a delicate fragrance emanated from his being that delighted me.  It reminded me of the scent of new-born babies which I sometimes found heavenly.  I could hardly believe that a seriously ill old man could emit such an unearthly scent.

On the last evening of his life, I experienced him as calm and peaceful.  I stood at the foot of his bed and quietly wanted to say goodbye.  Suddenly I saw his chest heaving and he was struggling for breath.  At the same moment he looked at me and it seemed to me as if he controlled his breath and chased all the elements of fear out of his chest – as if he himself had become ruler in his ‘temple’ again.  He seemed to radiate a glorious light that connected me to him, and I went – no I ‘flew’ home and seemed to sleep in that light all night.  The next day, I was told that he had died quietly in the early hours of the morning, calmly and peacefully.

Perhaps the death of everything earthly, when the new soul awakens, is accompanied by similar experiences.  And the experience is a foretaste of something Krishnamurti describes as follows:

Only when all the layers of our consciousness come to rest and become completely still, only then does the door open to the immeasurable fullness, to our bliss of the eternal moment in which creation is constantly born anew.[2]

[1] The Third Eye is located on the forehead between the two eyebrows. It is also called the eye of Shiva whose intuitions protected him from bad influences.

[2] Jiddu Krishnamurti, Wegweiser zum wahren Leben (Guide to True Life), Hyperion. Publisher, p. 106

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Date: June 10, 2024
Author: Sibylle Bath (Germany)
Photo: eye-Stefan Schweihofer auf Pixabay CCO

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