Translating the Teaching

How grateful one feels for those texts that provide relief in the quest to find meaning in life!

Translating the Teaching

It is a great relief to find the information that answers the questions that haunt us, either because we find the answer in someone’s voice or, very often, in texts that translate the teachings of great Masters.

How grateful one feels for those texts that provide relief in the quest to find meaning in life!

After a while, it is normal that, when we read a good book again, we find new meanings and teachings. Sometimes, even on topics we already understood.

This happens because we have a learning structure through which our brain classifies the information it receives. A similar structure helps us choose the information we give and the way we give it. That characteristic, unique to each of us, forms the character.

We could say that, permanently, we are translating life to and from our interior. Reality is interpreted, translated into our terms and then our conclusions and decisions are expressed and translated in the terms we consider appropriate.

We are expert translators. But is our translation fair?

The spiritual path is a process of awakening consciousness. And consciousness is nothing other than the capacity for discernment, the capacity for perception. This process is understood as receiving more light, because it allows us to perceive, to see, more and more. Hence the concept of inner illumination.

Our consciousness is the translator that, in the course of life, unfolds until it reaches a natural limit. This limit is an insurmountable barrier that is reached when we have developed our full potential. Normally, finding this barrier triggers an existential crisis.

Accepting this crisis means freeing oneself from the idea that there is “really” a barrier. The wu wei, the non-action, is the waiting with the intimate certainty that something will happen, no matter when. It can be right now. It means living in the absolute now. The energy of patient, humble, serene waiting grinds slowly, but grinds.

And, at some point in this process of development, we are touched by a Higher Light, which gives rise to a second type of parallel life development: the awakening of a spiritual consciousness.

All human beings were endowed with a seed of that Light, which manifests itself in us as a soft murmur in the most interior so that, for sure, this resounds in you as truth.

In this situation, we are all faced with the task of making a special translation, that is, translating that sound into concepts that our natural self, we, can understand and, finally, using that information well i.e, giving that information the correct use, putting that information to good use.

How do we do it? It’s a paradox! To paraphrase Lao Tse, “you travel the world, without leaving home”. We are limited beings who carry the seed of the infinite.

We respond to the call of that Light, with our intention, but free of all attachment and backed by the certainty of the need to take a step. Our efforts, in that sense, make it possible for the spiritual consciousness to take the necessary step at every moment.

It is a path to the Source from which the information flows.

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Date: December 8, 2020
Author: Carlos Santa Cruz
Photo: NWimagesbySabrinaEickhoff - Pixabay CCO

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