We are being asked to make a very definite decision, to realign ourselves.


We observe transitions all around us in the world – as a storm approaches, in a bud bursting forth into a flower, in boiling water turning to steam. The nature of this world is transitory – transitions.

There can be no doubt that the world is changing. It is no longer a “maybe”, it is now an “is”, an actual fact. Change engenders fear on the one hand, and joy on the other. Change can bring about suppression or it can lead to freedom. For change to occur it is necessary that there be a period of transition, adaptation to something different. A realignment. Moving from one thing is not always easy – there can be upheaval, a crisis if the change is resisted, or otherwise an easy adaptation, a smooth segue if one is able to surrender to the change. In any transition there is always a turning point, where one bridges a gap and goes another way, turns in a different direction. Before such a thing can happen there is a gradual or fast intensification, to a point where one feels one can “take no more”, enough is enough. An intense pressure or vibration and suddenly, a release into something new that requires one to adapt over a period of time. There is no turning back without severe consequences, no doing things in the old way.

One must move on.

We make transitions daily in our behaviour, our thought patterns, our emotions. We consider them natural, just part of who we are, part of our life. Our first transition is obviously waking up, moving from sleep state to awareness of the day, and our last is the transition back to sleep again at the end of our day. In between a myriad of smaller and larger transitions – emotions, ideas, thoughts, actions – that we are consciously aware of and to varying degrees seemingly in control of. And others which we just flow along with like the passage from day to night, all the various bodily processes that just automatically happen within us, without which we could not possibly live. And the host of other things, unseen influences, physical occurrences that accompany us in our world and in our daily life. We could safely say that our world is in constant transition, constant movement, flowing from one thing, one place, one event to another. But there is one transition that for the most part we are largely unaware of. A transition that has its source outside of our world, beyond our everyday consciousness. A transition which calls us, asks us to realign ourselves to a totally different reality.

This transition involves a considerable decision, a very definite letting go of everything old and known and embracing something new. We are given the opportunity to do this every day, every minute, every second. What does this transition encompass? What does it involve?

Firstly a recognition of the need to change, a willingness to undergo change.

Secondly a conscious and unconscious process of inner and outer purification – of heart, of mind, of one’s entire life.

Thirdly a letting go, a letting go of all unnecessary earthly bindings. Creating an inner and outer space for something new to grow.

Fourthly becoming conscious of making a change from one vibration, that of the earth as we experience it, to a higher vibration.

Finally a turning point over a shorter or longer period of time – breathing within a new space, a new atmosphere. An atmosphere not of our earth, but nevertheless one that is all around us every day. Longing for that atmosphere, trusting in its existence. Dying as to the old, living in the new.


When we finally make a conscious choice, we will be confronted with an inner war, the old ways wanting to reestablish their sovereignty, the new way waiting for the opportunity to take the reins. It can take much time or it can be swift. Inwardly we are leaving one world and entering another.

External circumstances will try to hold us back, friends and relatives also. But as true pilgrims we continue on, not by becoming indifferent to those circumstances but by surrendering ourselves to an inner call and allowing it to become stronger, to pull us out of the sticky mire to reach the pastures of inner peace.

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Date: December 9, 2022
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: by CapeCom on Pixabay

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