The World of Rush and the Path to Freedom

An Inner Journey

The World of Rush and the Path to Freedom

For any person on our planet today, especially the young, everything seems to be full of rush – to go here or there, to get this or that, see a show, visit a friend, buy something, have a meal, catch up with something or someone online. The “opportunities” are endless. There never seems enough time to do everything and there are more and more “everythings” to do! We seem to be pushed faster and faster, deeper and deeper, harder and harder.


On our planet amidst all this rush and no doubt as a consequence of it, we have recurring pandemics, various other illnesses, natural disasters, personal traumas, accidents, wars. All forcing us to stop for various lengths of time.


Is there a way, an approach to life that can offer us freedom from the rush and freedom from these forceful happenings? More and more people are now asking that question, have been asking it for some time. More and more people are seeking a path to freedom.

We might already consider we are on a path, a path of seeking for answers and indeed we are and have been for much of our life. Quite possibly since our first breath. We have sought all sorts of things – material possessions, happiness, financial freedom, joy and peace, the perfect partner, on and on it goes. And sometimes we have felt we have found what we were looking for and there is inner satisfaction – for a time. And then as always there comes the realisation, sometimes accompanied by great disappointment, or sadness, or even anger, that it hasn’t at all been what we were looking for. And so the search has continued, or stalled altogether. So, yes we have been searching, very actively and sincerely, but always on the outside, external to ourselves.

For other people the path involves a spiritual journey. And on that journey there may well come a time when we start to hear about an inner path. We might hear that we need to go on an inner path to find freedom. So where is that inner path, where does it begin? Where does it lead?

If a search is futile, leads seemingly to nothingness, eventually and hopefully the searcher gives up. Realises that the treasure sought is not to be found in that way. If the next search, and the next, and the next…  lead to the same result, the searcher will either abandon all attempts altogether or question, if not in that way, where else do I look? Where else is left? Where on earth have I not yet searched? Both abandoning the search and questioning it can lead to the same point, the understanding that the only place left is to seek within. Unchartered territory! Somewhere we have never explored before. Of course!

Going back to our initial questions – where is the inner path, where does it begin? We stand at the beginning of it, within ourselves, when we decide that the outer search amidst the rush has been fruitless. Yes, it may have brought lots of knowledge, but not a sense of freedom, inner freedom. We are still tied very much to the earth, very much still a part of the rush. And where does the new path lead? To that very same freedom, freedom from the rush and our many bindings with the earth. To achieve that freedom, we have to be released from those ties and thus begins the next stage of our journey. We have created these attachments throughout our lifetime, either consciously or unconsciously, so in a sense we know them well. That is the first step in letting them go. We can’t let something go if we don’t know what it is or how we came to connect with it. Or if we can’t perceive the rush of life. So, in going our inner path, we firstly have to untangle the outer knots we have created, release them and move on. Sounds easy eh? And it can be, so long as for each knot untangled and released, we are able to keep inwardly focussing on the true purpose of our search. You will of course realise that this will not always be possible. The path will illuminate many aspects of ourselves that are not always admirable, so it is going to take courage at times to persevere. But at the same time that these things are revealed and surmounted, we will come to see something else, another aspect emerging, one that has perhaps been very dormant for some time. We are encouraged to let this something within us grow, allowing it more and more freedom. In retrospect we are detaching ourselves from our attachments, reducing our connectedness with the earthly plane and starting to connect with another dimension or vibration. A vibration that does not originate from the earthly plane. As we progressively douse one flame another can enkindle and grow. And as it does we begin to long for it, more and more. That is our inner path, individual for each of us, yet still the same path. There are many people on this path, we are never alone.

And so where does the path lead? What is it that you have always sought? The answer to both of those questions lies within yourself, is uniquely yours. It has always been there, quietly waiting. So take your first step with the confidence of knowing that – and travel safely and well!

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Date: May 18, 2022
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: bdcbethebest on Pixabay CCO

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