The Source

The Voice of the Young Generation - Part 1

The Source

As young people we are searching for our own way in the world.

A place to be in this modern society.

We work and study. We  travel and build meaningful connections and friendships.

From our early years we have learnt a language from our parents in the country we are born in.

The first words you probably don’t remember. So fragile, yet clear and strong.

We can use our voice to express our truth in the world. To inspire, create, to help the person standing next to you.

But there is another voice, another language.

In our generation it is normal to communicate with a phone.

We send messages and pictures and call each other to keep our relationships strong.

In a world where we have instant access to everything we tend to forget what it is all about.

We are busy with school, work, our career path.

Days, weeks, months go by, sometimes without us even noticing.

We get caught up in society’s norms and values.

But there is something more, something bigger. A reason why we are here on the earth.

We are all searching. Just like the generations before us.

Together we can search and find the voice in our hearts.

Everyone has a heart. Beating. From the beginning to the end of their existing life.

Among other things, it keeps the blood flowing throughout your body.

But also, it symbolizes the love,

Through which we give and receive love.

Actually, it is a kind of treasure chamber.

An unattainable treasure trove, which nevertheless exists. Which is there for everyone.

And connects us all a little bit more.

No beginning and no end. It’s just there.

Unreachable. Yet tangible when you lay your hand on it.

All of us thus carry a piece of that treasure within us.

And together we are a piece of the general whole, living as individuals.

On our way to the source that makes everything possible.



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Date: May 25, 2023
Author: Fleur Lauscher (Netherlands)
Photo: by Carlos de Miguel on Unsplash CCO

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