The sick heart Part 4

There are seven energy centres which lie along the spine. As long as the life energy can ascend through these centres unimpeded, there is development.

The sick heart Part 4

(Part 3)

The human being – a multidimensional energetic being

Let us have a look at the mystery of the human being and their heart stamp even more deeply. We possess a sevenfold central energy system.

The humanities of the East and the West speak of seven chakras. They are energy centres which lie along the spine and can be found between the physical and the subtle bodies. They center the life energies and supply the physical body with them in differentiated ways.

They regulate the following organ areas from below:

The first energy centre regulates the sexual area and the excretory organs;

the second one the digestion and the metabolizing of food;

the third one the plexus solaris and the upper abdominal organs.

The fourth energy centre is assigned to the heart, the breathing and the thymus gland. Here we find the threshold, where the “selfishness of the fight for survival” can be transformed into a selflessness, which is coupled with empathy, caring and trust.

The fifth energy centre regulates the thyroid gland activity and the salivary glands. This is where that which was developed by the fourth chakra, is expressed through language.

The sixth energy centre regulates the activity of the “master gland”, the hypophysis. It coordinates all the control loops of the endocrine system, generates harmony and enables the physical human being to experience spiritual contact.

The seventh energy centre regulates the pineal gland, which is symbolically also called “the third eye”. It regulates the human biorhythm via light impulses. The pineal gland is a neuroendocrine transformer, which can take up signals that go beyond the level of our normal sensual experiences and enable us to have lucid perceptions.

There is also an eighth energy centre, which is active about 40 cm above our head and which has no connection with our physical body. In it lies the connection gate to the cosmos and at the same time it is the entry for manifestations and new-creative insights. It is the centre, which corresponds to the transpersonal consciousness space.

As long as the life energy can ascend through the centres unimpeded, there is development. However, the energy is mostly concentrated in the lower centres, where our ego wants to assert itself, so that our development gets blocked.

Specifically, the three lower centres have a lot to do with our survival mode. They represent selfishness and they are about power, aggression and competitive thinking.

We recognize the key position of the heart-associated energy field, in which the awakening of the higher human being is located. Spiritual, divine impulses can flow into the whole system from here and they can renew the whole energy flow.

It ascends from the first, the lowest centre upwards and if a person is in a harmonious balance, its vibration frequency will rise from level to level while the coherence stays the same.

Our consciousness can get into resonance with ever higher vibration levels. The first three centres are completely focused onto the natural life functions and their subtle equivalents. From the heart centre upwards, however, a seeker can perceive higher vibrations in themselves, which will make it possible to give sense to their existence. They can sense their real identity, which is a spiritual one.

Compassion – the highest human virtue

We can find a wonderful equivalent in the seven Christian virtues. The first three – moderation, braveness and justice – have something to do with the refinement of our natural personality which we are supposed to cultivate. The fourth virtue is compassion. It is the greatest of all the human virtues. It is a merciful present through which an all-embracing divine love fulfils the human soul and enables such a person “to even justify the sinner”, as Thomas of Aquin expresses it.

This means that through a compassionate heart an unjudgmental, superhuman love becomes active. Through its giving of self, the heart has been unified with its heavenly soul, in which the all-embracing love is active.

The three further Christian virtues that go beyond nature are faith, hope and love. They are in connection with the three higher energy centres and with their help they can express themselves in materiality, as long as the human being grants access to the appropriate spiritual forces.

The significance of the heart prayer

To achieve this, it is good to be open for the heart prayer, in which a deep and thought-free silence is the only attitude which will enable the soul that is manifested in our world to be receptive for the Absolute.

Here we can be conscious that we as earthly personalities cannot generate the essential things ourselves. We can only receive them, after we have made ourselves receptive for them.

By gracious insight we are shown that in freedom we can leave the self-will of our ego behind.  We can let something die to have a share in the significant and imperishable essence of life.

Buddha who recognized this, said to his pupils: “When I think about the transience of all existence, I can observe how I leave myself behind while I’m walking.”

Einstein also speaks out of deep inner experience when he says:

“If we look for a way out of the global crisis of humanity, we can only find it in the transition to a higher level of consciousness and awareness.”

(to be continued in part 5)

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Date: July 26, 2019
Author: Dr. Dagmar Uecker (Germany)
Photo: Gerd Altmann via Pixabay CCO

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