The Radiance of the Light


The Radiance of the Light

The radiance of the light

Somewhere a symphony is composed

Performed with bird-like precision

One sphere and another run

Sending eloquent messages

An idea, with its thousand points

As a star gives birth

Illuminating the immensity of ideas

All ships called to the open sea

To the vastness of the waters, leave.


Darkness touches the myriad of thoughts

Dreams cross the night

Here are all those who are, were, and shall be.

At the crossroads, people stop

They comment on the course, the meaning

But then they remain silent

At the end each one follows his own path

Guided by a stone hard reality,

A dry stick that leaves a furrow in the dust.

We will end up in the dust,

But we could be a still pond,

A drop reflecting a point of light,

The touch of the light.

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Date: November 29, 2020
Author: Pedro Villalba (Spain)
Photo: StockSnap - Pixabay CCO

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