The Pulse of Life

The Pulse of Life

Have you ever stopped to listen to your heart? When you hear it beating, what do you notice?

The first answer that may come to mind is: I am alive!

Yes, as long as this tireless muscle that continuously ensures the pumping of blood to the different parts of the body is beating, it keeps us alive.

However, the heart goes beyond its indispensable bodily functionality. It is much more than a muscle: it is a door to truth. Its beating is a call.

It uses a language that does not derive/originate from imagination, but the reality of the All in itself. It is always inviting us to join and connect to the truth that is found in it. Moreover, it delivers life with every pulse.

The heart calls us. Life in its flow pulsates continuously as a call to all, indistinctly, without inducing or forcing anything: like the sun, which does not choose to whom  it offers its light.

And for those who are attentive to the unknown that has always existed in the center of their own being, it, the heart, encourages the search for something beyond what can be seen, heard, and perceived externally – and does so by whispering lovingly. This whispering is a movement and a sound that stands out among the others, because it is internal, it comes from within. It is the sound of truth, of permanence.

As the Brazilian singer Beto Guedes says in his song “Spring Sun”: We know the lesson by heart: all we have to do is learn it.”

When we are willing to leave the reverse side in which we live, the path to our interior is suggested, where the voice of the heart can be heard. Each time we turn to that state, our mind tends to connect with and learn from the heart center: the same center that is found throughout the cosmos. From the nucleus of the stars and planets to the fruits with their seeds and the cells with their nuclei, everything contains at its base the power of the Center.

There – in the center of our heart – is the seed of true life: the seed of eternity, of absolute Love. To turn to this Love is to see and hear beyond reason, and to not try to understand life with the mind. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry tells us: “one can only see well with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye”.

Let us be those who turn to the true and essential Love, which pulsates in us, which loves for love’s sake alone, and which the true life itself.

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Date: September 8, 2023
Author: Group of LOGON authors (Brazil)
Photo: By Bruno from Pixabay

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