The power of money over the human being

In the contemporary economy the power of the nations is determined by their mastery of money.

The power of money over the human being

All the values are quantified in monetary terms, and all the wars throughout the world are triggered and maintained by the pursuit of money and by the power it provides. Even the human being in * current societies is considered as an economic factor, a resource representing a monetary value that is reckoned by his production power, the cost of his education, his family budget, his bank account etc. In short, the hierarchy of the values in the present world place money at the top of the pyramid.

Besides, the human’s desire for power and domination, which is an attribute of his natural state of being, finds a sure means of confirmation in the possession of money. It is even no longer rare, with the difficult economic and social situation that characterize our present world, to find people of all ages who knock at the doors of esoteric movements with the ambition to find money or material wealth, at whatever cost.

The questions we would like to ask are the following: Why has money such great power on humans? Is it possible to liberate ourselves from the influence of money, and if so, how?


What is money and where does it come from?

The word ‘money’ comes from the Greek ‘argos’ which means ‘white’, ‘shiny’. ‘Argos’ itself comes from a Sanskrit word which means immaculate. So, money was, originally, a white, shiny metal that was used to produce coins, dishes, jewellery- in short, precious objects.

Nowadays money is is of both a material and immaterial nature. Coins are made from copper and silver; bank notes are made of cotton, paper or flax defoliated by mercury, or synthetic materials. With the dematerialisation linked with the Age of Aquarius, there is also a development of immaterial transactional values through commerce and electronic payments.


The connection between people and money

Some occult research indicates that money is the symbol of energy which is spent through work; it is sweat and blood transformed into matter. Thanks to the symbol of money that is now revered as an almighty god, the masters of finance have gained power over humanity. They divert their vital energy and assimilate it through economic mechanisms and bank fraud. One might fear that money is simply an invention that deprives the human being of his energy and vampirises him.

People often think: “If I possess money, I can buy anything and find happiness”. On this basis, all the attention of human activity is centred on the pursuit of money. The empirical reality of our existence shows, however, that the possession of money and all the possibilities of material purchases that are connected with it, cannot give “happiness” to the human being in the noble sense of the word, nor can it satisfy his desire for possession. On the contrary, the more we possess, the more we want, and the possession of money awakens and develops pride and the desire to dominate in the human being.

Innumerable accounts in the holy scriptures like the Bible refer to the dominating power of money on the human being. The treason of Judas, as it is told in the gospels, is sufficiently illustrative of this. In this story, the power of money on the human being is compared to Satan’s penetration of the human (Luke 22 : 1-6).


Material and occult analysis of the power of money on the human being

On the material plane man looks for happiness. It is the manipulation of this hope to satisfy his physiological needs (eating and drinking etc.), of security (his house, his health) and his psychological needs (his desire to be accepted by society, to be recognised and to achieve self-actualisation) thanks to money which has allowed the Sirens of our consumer society to make the human being dependent of the illusion that money will give him happiness.

On the occult plane, we must consider that the metallic ores that the Earth is filled with, are the materialisation of the currents of forces or energies that come from other planets. Money (the metal) is the crystallisation of lunar forces, copper of Venus and Mercury energies and mercury (which was called liquid money by the alchemists) is the materialisation of Mercury forces.

Furthermore, through negative manipulation of the energies of the planets and their influences on the inhabitants of the Earth, the aeons of the invisible worlds help themselves to money to divert the humans from their first mission. This happens through the relationship which exists between the materials money is produced from, the parts of the body that are influenced by these materials, and the planets that govern them. The ancient Greeks, the Egyptians, the Hindus and the Chinese knew that there were centres of the body through which the sidereal energies penetrated. These are seven endocrine glands which are each governed by a planet: The pineal gland (Neptune), the pituitary gland (Uranus), the thyroid gland (Mercury) the thymus (Venus), the spleen (the Sun) and the two adrenals (Jupiter). The forces that are liberated by these planets have the mission to help the human beings realise the spiritual way to restore the original link with the world of the Spirit. But they can be wrongly used, in which case they can lead the human being astray.

Let us consider, for example, copper and mercury, which are a crystallisation of forces that come from the planets Venus and Mercury and which govern the thymus and the thyroid gland respectively.

We know that the bad usage of the powers of Venus are expressed in sensuality, debauchery, vulgarity, laziness, sentimentality, vanity and inconsistency. While the negative usage of the powers of Mercury are mainly expressed in self-importance, deceit, laziness, carelessness, lack of principles, slander, godlessness, dishonesty, a love for gambling, indecision and nervousness. The almost permanent concentration of the attention of the human beings on the pursuit of money, opens their endocrine glands to all these negative influences and keeps them suffering, ignorant and mean.


Liberating ourselves from the power of money

It is, however, reasonable to do justice to money by recognising that it is simply an instrument of transaction, of measure and of reserve. Material riches and spirituality are not incompatible, but it is the human’s mental and psychological attitude towards money that gives it the power is has.

Being conscious of the power of money and asking ourselves how we can escape its grip are a first step if we want to give money its status of tool rather than that of master. Sometimes more is needed than our personal will power to get away from it, which can be realised thanks to the intervention of a particular force which says: “Without me, you can do nothing”. By restoring the connection with this original force that he had lost, the human being can acquire true knowledge which can liberate him from the financial straightjacket.

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Date: March 20, 2018
Author: KOTCHO Jacob (France)
Photo: Pixabay CCO

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