The Flick of a Switch

The Flick of a Switch

Allowing the Light to shine – but how do we do it?

Somewhere, deep inside, there is a switch.
A switch that belongs to another reality, a reality not of the earth.
Sometime in the deep dark past, it was switched off.
The light no longer shines.
The switch, the light source, is still there, hidden safely away waiting for the right moment, the right time. The time to flick the switch, flick it back to on, allow the light to shine again.

Where is this switch, how do we find it?
Is it in a house, long disused? A switch long-forgotten? And where is the house? How can we locate it? Where do we search?

Think deeply about this, because the house is where you currently live, your physical body. And the light source, long dormant, lives within you – waiting. Waiting for you to flick the switch.

It sounds easy, but is it really so? First we have to locate the switch, buried, encrusted, somewhere deep inside. That entails much work. And much cleaning once we have found it. The switch is well-hidden. Not just a simple matter, and certainly not an overnight job.
We (and previous residents of our house) have involved ourselves in, bound ourselves to, the world in so many ways. We need to discover those ways, unbind ourselves, disconnect, before there is any hope of that inner light source shining again. But as we recognise the need to do that, and start the process, we are helped along by a dim glow from within, allowing us to see what it is that we have to do, step by step.
Our life direction changes. Our attitude and our perception changes and the glow becomes ever brighter.

With its help we can locate its source within us. We can flick the switch to on – and allow the Light to shine!

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Date: April 16, 2024
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash CCO

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