The encounter with the Self

I know I've been looking for you since my first breath

The encounter with the Self

I know I’ve been looking for you since my first breath.

I never stopped.

My soul has not forgotten, it always spoke to me,

since the day I opened my eyes to the light of this world.

Little by little, I was no longer able to listen… I forgot that voice, that whisper, which became more and more distant…

Other voices came, overbearing, impetuous… I followed them, in the maze of experiences.

Orphan of Mother and Father. Alone.

In the abandonment which I tried to fill by all means.

But nothing could take your place.

I sought you, as a hart yearns for the pure flowing streams.

I wanted to quench my thirst at your source.

I call you God, people have instructed me to give you this name.

But  I don’t know your name.

I don’t know what you are.

I don’t know who you are.

I cannot grasp you.

Yet I seek you.

Yet my heart knows you.

I learned to contemplate you in Life.

I tried to probe your power, your forces.

I was arrogant in my desire to know you to the point of wanting to take your place.

I wanted to be like You. I wanted to be You.

My soul never forgot its origin, it always spoke to me, making me feel a deep nostalgia.

Now, humbly, I would like to ask you not to distrust me.

I don’t want to possess you.

I don’t want to force our encounter.

I don’t want to get to you indirectly, through deception.

I just want you to dwell again in my heart, I will prepare it for you… I am waiting for you.

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Date: March 4, 2022
Author: Elisa Mignani (Italy)
Photo: mnega16 PCCO Pixabay

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