The devastating responsibility of being God – Seen from the viewpoint of a mortal being – Part 2

As we are part of a group we’ve identified with, we continue our balancing act between wanting to belong and the desire to be free. A social crisis sharpens this conflict. Walking the spiritual path, we will have to solve this problem in a unique way.

The devastating responsibility of being God – Seen from the viewpoint of a mortal being – Part 2

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There is identification with a we, family, status, language, a nation, a race. From each one of those unities there exists a vivid image in the atmosphere, a power in the air. An energy concentration that exercises a more or less forcing power on all those who wish to belong to that unity. Identification is relinquishing part of the power of the individual to the greater organism that he identifies himself with. During the last decades it seems that ‘the stars’ are driving those overarching ideas towards disintegration and becoming powerless, certainly in Western Europe. However, when the threat for an economic crisis increases the ancient reflexes become relevant again and suddenly we are French or British again, or football supporter, or scared white male. It is so striking that every inner group also immediately creates an outer group on which we can project a hostile image, so that between them and us a safe gap is created which cannot be bridged. In the Balkan region for instance, with the population’s karma, this has led to denial of the human state of the people on the other side, as well as to a battle of power in the form of war and genocide.

Both in prosperous times as in crises politicians play an important role in the identification and separation processes. A politician is a man or a woman entitled by us, to whom we transfer part of our power so that he, she, can take care of certain business for us.

In a democracy a politician tries to persuade as many people as possible to do that.

Through this he obtains power. A number of mechanisms have been installed in a democracy in order to limit that power concentration.

If these mechanisms fail or are non-existent, this leads to a power concentration of a dictator. We then lose all freedom. Only thoughts are still free for those who would like that.

Once the threat increases in our lives, we are easily tempted to render our power and our responsibility over to the new strong man, woman. Under the influence of the congested ideas, the ‘powers in the sky’, the number of free thinkers rapidly decreases. Thinking freely is a qualitative function of the consciousness, certainly so in difficult times, developed by the human kind over a very long period. Then why are we so easily convinced of the populist ideas that again awaken and activate old residues of people and state in our blood?

Corona crisis

The current corona crisis shows us comparable mechanisms: the good “pater familias” who manages the state, needs to organize it in such a way that we, as individuals, stay healthy. My own responsibility herein is nil: I do what the state tells me to do, I hand over power.

All this is based on desire. From the twofold-ness of desire for autonomy versus the fear for responsibility. From the longing for being God – that is: complete autonomy – and the perception of what the devastating weight of our responsibility would be as autonomous creator. Imagine this: everything you do and do not and think is completely determining creation, for all that is.

Yet, again that desire. Fighting for autonomy like a child. With regard to our fellow human beings; with regard to the powers in the sky. While doing this we become part of the necessary we of a striving group, containing all the shadows of the powers in the sky. But also with a learning plan for autonomy. Evolving consciousness. Seeing the creative responsibility, without fear.

How does a group that is striving to become divine, to become God, deal with power and responsibility? All mechanisms outlined above can play a role. These are the shadows. However, the group is formed by people who are prepared to temporarily hand over an important part of their own autonomy to the group. People who are in that group again and again are placed before the individual responsibility for their own development, for the development and the functioning of the group, for the evolution of mankind. A huge responsibility, and yet – through the gradual character of the process of becoming god – not a crushing responsibility.

The evoked fears are manageable for the evolving consciousness. The opposite pole of fear: love, becomes active. During the course of time the core of the group ideals is purified to such an extent that a connection arises with the original creation, far beyond the powers in the sky. A connection with God. From that connection also the relations within the group will become more transparent. The forced exchange between autonomous power and rendering over responsibility fades. The collective responsibility is carried by and through group unity. Knowingly, magically, serving. Together as a crystal seed within humanity. Then, there is no outer group anymore.


Let’s go back a few steps: A duality being, a human being, was created: man became the instrument of Man. That was the idea, God’s creative thought. Now our evolving consciousness may be closer to the instrumental man. The entity called Man may have become again the fully functional autonomous microcosm. Accomplished group unity started out from an assembly of men, willing to be instrumental in the reconstruction of Men. It evolved towards relations of loving friendship we can experience in our actual consciousness. But we do know: our working and striving and serving life together is nothing but an essential means of letting microcosmic Man fully regain his freedom and the power to  create from love. The power of being God. Men’s illusion of becoming God and the inflation of mortal consciousness due to that idea having been forever left behind.

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Date: February 17, 2021
Author: Eric Op 't Eynde (Belgium)
Photo: Unsplash CCO

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