The Call

The Call

An invitation to “somewhere”.

There is a call, emanating from somewhere we know not where, but calling us, endlessly calling us. It’s a wonderful call, a very pure call that calls to everything that has been created. It’s an eternal call. We, the being that we know as “I”, may hear it as a voice, we may perceive a power, a feeling, a sensation or impression of some sort. It is an invitation, an invitation to “somewhere”. We are being asked to respond to that call, to react. Something within us, within every living being, responds to that call in one way or another. Perhaps yes, I will go, although I know not where it will lead me, or adamantly no, I am not ready, I am not willing to go. Most likely a response somewhere in between. And the direction life takes, as a consequence of that response, will thereby be set. The call can incite a feeling of restlessness, of rebellion or anxiety or it can bring about inner peace. It can be overwhelmingly obvious or as soft as a whisper, barely discernible. But nevertheless it is there, forever with us, never leaving us alone. There are innumerable responses to it, all individually unique, that we will encounter. That we will perhaps comprehend more and more as life continues on. At every opportunity the call resounds, echoes through our being, asking for our response.

It may have taken much time to respond to the call, even to hear it indistinctly, many life experiences. Much suffering and sorrow, inevitable change. Or we may have responded instantaneously and positively early in life. It is not of consequence how we respond, or when, it matters only that we do.

So what is this call? Where does it come from? Why is it there? Where and what is it calling us to?

Perhaps we could consider it like this………

Before the world began there existed a power, a power which would ultimately create all living creatures and accompany them, maintain them. Everything was given a task and had a role to play. And everything went well, until one day …..

We don’t really know what happened on that one day, we can only speculate, and speculate we have done ever since. Here we will not add to that speculation.

From what we know in these days about power, in whatever form, we perceive it as an energy, something that moves, creates, energises, circulates. We have learnt to harbour that power, rightly or wrongly, but always for our own purposes. To create, to destroy. And we have forgotten about that original power, the power “in the beginning…..” which we know very little about, which mostly we have never considered, thought about. But that power still exists! While we either individually or collectively have been busy building our vast energetic webs, that original pure energy has remained. Not somewhere far away, or on another planet, but right here, interpenetrating our own planet. Imperceptible to us. We cannot perceive it because we have built a separate existence, an existence of a lower vibration, with a body of sense organs devoted to it. But also unknown to us, within that body of sense organs, we carry an inkling, a tiny focus, that is capable of stirring a remembrance of that original power. A remembrance that awaits, as the original power from the beginning awaits, for us to take that first step of recognition.

How does that come about? How can that power of a different, higher vibration penetrate the dark worldly web that we, as humanity, have created? Because of its higher vibration it is capable of doing so, aimed at lifting humanity and the world to a higher level. It never ceases to wait for the moment that, individually but ultimately collectively, an openness is created, a space in which someone can begin to waken to another presence. More often than not it involves a traumatic situation, a radical change in the individual to bring that about, but sometimes also slumbering within one there is a memory, a pre-remembrance of something else, something long, long ago……. And there is always something that stimulates that memory, albeit momentarily. Perhaps a beautiful scene, the beauty of a flower, the sight of a tiny bird feeding which makes us stop and watch. A moment’s silence amidst the chaos of life. If there is receptivity, even briefly, a connection begins and a curiosity, amounting to eventually a desire. A desire for something else, something elusive, something beyond what can be seen or experienced in earthly life. That desire, that yearning, is our response to the call previously spoken of, to the never-ending call. Our response creates an openness, a space within us, the potential to connect each individual, thus the many parts of humanity, to the original source of power.

A unity, a unification. Peace.

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Date: February 11, 2024
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: By Nasa Hubble S CCO

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