The Angelic Dialogue – Part 2

Are you the one from whom I hope to get answers to my most pressing questions about the current crisis?

The Angelic Dialogue – Part 2

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M: Are you the one from whom I hope to get answers to my most pressing questions about the current crisis?

A: Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee the authority you require from me. Did you know that in the highest circles, in the rarest spheres of consciousness, there can be illusions among the angels? Whoever stands high can fall very deep, as Satanael did with which he lost the EL of his name; EL is an old Hebrew word for god.

M: I’ll try anyway. What can we learn from the corona crisis?

A: There are personal ways to deal with it. The best known is the conformistic way. On the other hand, there is the increasingly well-known critical way, rebellious or otherwise. There are two other manners, first the Stoic way. The Stoic says: what I can do little or nothing about, I let go of. The whole spectacle, all that bickering, I let it go over me, waiting, you could say: with angelic patience. This is a difficult road, it requires great stamina. The epidemic sometimes is compared to a marathon, you have to be tough and solid in your shoes, letting yourself be distracted as little as possible, to keep going. Secondly, there is the possibility to look down at the whole event from above, with a helicopter view. This is primarily about compassion. For the Stoic, the task is to remain neutral; for the view from above, so that the vision is broadened and the overview becomes larger, clearer, besides neutrality and patience, something essential is added: compassion.

M: Let me ask more specifically: is a psychological and sociological experiment being rolled out?

A: It is, but not, – as a part of the population thinks -, deliberately planned and with malicious intent. If you believe in that, you’re in grade two, the resistance group.

M: I’m between three and four. Stoic with little compassion.

A: Your self-knowledge is admirable.

M: But how could the world’s population have been held hostage by fear?

A: That’s because of a long history. As I have already said, generally considered the wealthy Western part of the world’s population is pampered and spoiled. It is true that progress has been made on certain fronts, with the mid-twentieth century as the benchmark. However, for the areas in which we have experienced decline, we should actually go back further. Are you willing for me to take you to a panorama? You will experience it as from a helicopter; to me, to us as angels, it is the normal view, as it exists in another field of life. I will comment on the images you will experience. Ready?

M: I’m ready.

A: Good. I will show you the global life state of humanity today. A starting point is around the year 1600, from which to follow the developments and changes to date. But first, I want you to look at a picture of another virus. You are familiar with the corona picture by now; I show this virus instead.

M:… Oh, I’m afraid I don’t… see anything now.

A: Nothing recognizable?

M: No, nothing.

A: What I am showing you is the virus that for centuries has been known as selfishness.

M: Sorry, but I still can’t see anything.

A: That makes sense. How do you summarize selfishness in a logo or a picture? Everyone now knows what corona looks like, but the scientists still don’t know all about it. At the same time, everyone knows exactly what selfishness is, but no one can portray it visually.

M: Yeah. What does selfishness look like as a picture?

A: Now that people are all in the same pandemic boat, so to speak, some have begun to think about how society could be rearranged. Or actually, it has to be, because the urgency is high. However, selfishness is at least as contagious as any virus, if not more contagious. In addition, this selfishness, as you call it, is now increasingly accompanied by unprecedented pride. I mentioned the year 1600 as a starting point, but we have to go back much further in time. The time of the beginning of the so-called civilization. The great turnaround was then, that man began to appropriate the soil, the earth. Before that there were nomads and tribes, but somewhere in prehistoric times, humans settled down and became the owner. First, for centuries and centuries, the earth was there for the animals and the people, for all living things. After the great break in history, the earth belonged to the people. And why has there been spoken of civilizations since then? Because cities arose, and cultures and a new hierarchy emerged. Don’t think that the “noble savage” ever really existed, except in the minds of the Romantics. There was also a hierarchy within the tribes. Look at the last remnants, the Indians of North America, before they were exterminated by the civilized Europeans, where the elders were in charge, and they sometimes fought with other tribes.
The new hierarchy, of kings, emperors, princes and so on, was much more powerful and larger in scale. Tyrants rose, the first conquests took place, great armies were formed, genocides carried out. And all this as a result of the breaking point: ownership.
Now I am taking a giant step to the year 1600. Then the image of man and nature changed; the new science with its mechanistic, materialistic conception conquered the world.

The next step was the enlightenment of the eighteenth century, a further condensation and intellectual restriction, but also a reaction to the dogmas of the Christian faith. The First Industrial Revolution came in the second half of the eighteenth and partly nineteenth century, thanks to new techniques that were the result of scientific discoveries. Then came the second and third industrial revolutions. These were accompanied by the emancipation of the masses, which in turn led to social revolutions. Then we have entered the twentieth century with its two bloody world wars.
After 1950, another benchmark, another revolution took place: the emancipation of women, the collapse of the Western colonies, the triumphal march of capitalism. And now a decisive crisis begins, now the environment, the climate, the future of the earth are at stake. Look, this was shown by a great naturalist and filmmaker: humanity makes up more than a third of the globe by weight and quantity; 60 percent consists of animals that we raise industrially and slaughter for our meat needs; the 4 percent that remains, from mouse to elephant, are threatened in their survival. And then there are the forests and plants and corals and so on, who are sacrificed to man’s haughty, disastrous addiction to economic growth and profiteering.

How did it get this far? I have outlined the previous history for you. Everything set in motion under the banner of “progress” also resulted in decline, a decline that prevailed after 1950, creeping at first, then increasing alarmingly and ultimately becoming devastating. Not just loss of outward things by pollution and waste, but moreover loss of moral values, common sense and health.
And now. Now we are being thrown back, not by a virus per se, but by how we respond to it in all our panic from loss of control and acute narrowing of consciousness. Now the whole mechanical, economic and medical circus comes to a standstill. It no longer makes sense to point the finger of blame at the capitalists or the elite or the plutocrats or the politicians, for this calamity has come so far only because the masses unconsciously or half-dazedly satisfy their selfishness.

One last bit of history then. At the end of the nineteenth century, a small portion of humanity awoke spiritually speaking. In retrospect, you can say that the majority nevertheless took the wrong turn. Yes, there were outward improvements such as the United Nations, for example, as a token of global consciousness, but the decisive, inward improvements that should have taken place failed to be realized, they were in any case insufficient. Now the question is: is the corona crisis that affects everyone and should bring a forced togetherness, some sort of correction? There are many causes, but is there also a reason behind it? There has been no transition to a spiritual revolution, only occasionally something flared up, as in the 1960s, when the Aquarian or “rebellious man” made themselves heard here and there. After which a new enslavement of the masses soon took place.
At the same time, actually only in the new century, the consciousness emerged on a growing scale that a halt must be put to the breakdown and destruction of earthly life. Will this change of consciousness come on time, will it receive enough support, sufficient power to realize decisive changes? Essential is the inner transformation towards a new image of man and a new order, the associated attitude to life. It can only emerge from one thing: overcoming selfishness.

Well, I took you on this panoramic flight. The time of preaching is over, and the time of guilt and punishment as well. Everyone is thrown back on themselves and faces a new turning point: consciously choosing for a spiritual revolution, or experiencing that a choice for you is made, on an involuntary basis.

M (after a long, deep sigh): I finally wanted to recall what the devil was talking about. At the end of his speech, just like you, he spoke about Aquarius. I guess he was afraid of that, that his desire was a 100 percent following. I was shocked that he knew about the pursuit of the free spirits and wanted to prevent them from stopping his pursuit of absolute power.

A: He knows very well that he cannot suffice with 99 percent, which is also why absolute evil does not exist. In the world the forces of good and evil are in a precarious balance. The devil knows much, except that he has never heard of the “only good” that underlies this world. There are always, without interruption, at least twelve people living on earth who represent the future world. Without them, the present world would perish, so the mystics among the Jews say. Therefore, the devil’s mission will never succeed. Those twelve liberated souls will be there as long as this world is in this condition. But that guarantee does not need to stop you as a mortal from taking care of the growth of this dozen. So don’t worry about the demons and evil. You know they are there and why. Focus on the “only good”, don’t get distracted. We, angels, rejoice over all mortals who consciously receive and pursue that. So be it! “

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Date: March 22, 2021
Author: Frans Smit (Netherlands)
Photo: Jan Genge on Unsplash CCO

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