Stars, Jedi, Elves and Elon (the fearful billionaire)

Replace the Earth in its reality as a "cosmic school" where existence is the sacred mountain that human consciousness human consciousness must strive to climb.

Stars, Jedi, Elves and Elon (the fearful billionaire)

And the day had

The colour of summer, of spring

Thousands of planes

Were fanning the sky but we were…

Afraid of nothing !

(French song: “Porte Z”, from the band Feu ! Chatterton)

While in these troubled times many stars are incarnated, they fall into the bodies of men and women to come into the world more or less “naturally”, more or less far from the hospitals. And humanity swells into a gigantic wave, a dark wave where sparks of light travel, scattered… and, continuously, the wave rises to die on the curved beach of time.

Knowing that the stars are on Earth, among us, and that we may be carrying one too, what is a star stranded on the beach of our time doing? What can it do with such a short life, with a strobe light? By its very nature, the star shines, piercing the darkness with its brilliance and making up the darkness of the night into an ocean of clarity, an ordered horizon of luminous jewels. But down here, there are clouds, and the air seems ever heavier…

« What to do?» (in English in the original text, this is a quote from a song)

In this age where there are so many of us, we are looking for the Mozarts, the Da Vincis, the Socrates… We are looking for what could give man an image other than that of the most efficient parasite of creation. We are looking for…. Human beings have this faculty, so singular in nature, of destroying their environment, neighbouring living species, even their own kind, for their own comfort and pleasure. This is an obvious fact that is too often repeated, and we will cease there a useless and weakening criticism.

Before being a smart card… before being an economic resource… before being a hungry cunning animal… there is the light of consciousness, the original Star, source of life, love and intelligence. Before being a useless rug in front of Netflix, man’s body is a sanctuary, a bearer of a sacred element: the fire of consciousness. Man is a crossroads, a cross between the worst and the best, good and evil, horror and beauty, order and disorder. We seek…. We seek a solution, a door to a better world, but it is precisely by believing that we can perfect nature that the world has ended up becoming this chaos where madmen dress up as surgeons.

How can we find a dignified path when we realise that, even when we want to do the right thing, we often make things worse? The Earth does not need to be saved; it has all the resources. Technocrats like Elon Musk want to triumph over death. They spend millions to achieve physical immortality. Why don’t they spend billions to triumph over the morbid stupidity that overwhelms human beings, the fear of the unknown that holds them! They are cheaters of the noble game of life.

So, what is there to do about the star lost in the human flood that dies on the beach, wave after wave, generation after generation? Society imposes its rhythm. Electric blues, then rock’n’roll, the roots of modern pop were born in the factories of Chicago and Detroit. Machines have travelled all over the world with this music and today everyone clicks to their own rhythm. Everyone participates in the strange metronome that agitates humanity. Believing it has arrived somewhere, it manages the “click”, no more day, no more night, no more season, it manages life… scientifically. For the lucid star, the one who has eyes to see and ears to hear, the life of a clicking body is not enough, nor is the dream of transferring one’s consciousness into a computer program for the ages. If one suffers from the lack of meaning given to human life, it is because one has the hidden memory of the truth. The society of fearful billionaires is a vast enterprise to mask the eternal song of the star that each one carries within. This is not something that happened yesterday, or in the last century. It goes back to the time when the stars left the realm of eternal Unity… to fall “living” on their own. There is the eternal ocean, and we have wanted to be the captains of a miserable raft that does not stand the test of time, cut off from the cosmic unity. Let the billionaires fight to become King For A Day, as Jamiroquaï sang, and let’s get back to basics.

In this strange age rich in entertainment, we regret that the Jedi order or Tolkien’s people of the Elves are only images of science fiction. At a time when the lobbies of lies are the law and are getting into the depths of our DNA, we are sorry not to see a Templar banner appear, like a lighthouse in the night. The Earth is not destined to be reduced to the status of a supermarket for electro-bulimics. However, this is more or less what the younger generations are taught, with a nice veneer of civic education to remind them not to throw paper in the store, to be nice to each other, to be careful not to catch a cold in the refrigerated section and, above all, to stay connected to take advantage of our new PRODUCTS in real time! Better to be taken for a fool and escape from the supermarket. Better to try to return to the forest, where the Elves live, where the last Jedi hide, where the great travellers walk. Sergio Leone taught us: “The world is divided into two categories: those who have a loaded gun and those who dig”. There are indeed the managers of the supermarket and those who dig to buy cakes. But there is a third category: that of the travellers, those who place the Earth in its reality as a “cosmic school” where existence is the sacred mountain that human consciousness must strive to climb. Life is a military campaign, an Odyssey on the ocean of events, with the goal of returning to Ithaca, the original homeland where the love of a family awaits us.

So, what are we to do?

Turn to the inner forest, the mysterious space where the star we carry shines, the one that makes us Elves, Jedi knights, musketeers of that King “who is not of this world”. If there is a kingdom, there is a king and his subjects. And each one is given a task that corresponds to his abilities. What is there to do with one’s life? Certainly not to contort oneself to be a golden customer or the CEO of the Conforming Grocery Store! When you know you have amnesia, as in the movies, you go on a quest to recover your memory and identity. Is there anything more amnesiac than the human consciousness that is incarnated on Earth? Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Ignorant, it is to advance towards these great mysteries that our body contains us! It is by walking towards Knowledge that we are truly Man! The world is in such a chaos that any personal or collective initiative that takes root in the inner forest, in the kingdom of the heart where the Star reigns, any initiative illuminated by this magical consciousness will indeed be a lighthouse in the night. It is on the basis of such an awareness that Unity can emerge, the Force that allows us to join together to build works and institutions that are not prisons but steppingstones to eternity.

Already I feel there

Already I feel far away

Already I feel elsewhere

Now I’m going back.

(French song “Libre”, from the band Feu ! Chatterton)

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Date: February 16, 2023
Author: Quentin Biliwald (France)
Photo: Shutterstock

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