Searching, Searching …

Searching, Searching …

I am searching, you are searching, humanity is searching! Has always been and always will be. Searching for what? And why?

Imagine a vast, beautiful, soft and peaceful web. Glowing with brilliant light, radiant with glorious power. A pristine womb, a safe enclave in which all of humanity originally dwelt, with which we were all originally connected. In which we flowed peacefully and serenely, undisturbed. Safely, in freedom. In that enclave we had our beginning, our origin, our source. Many, many eons ago.

Imagine another web, huge and chaotic, full of disturbance, a vibrating, congesting cloud of conflicting influences and powers. Darkness, suffering, ultimately death.

Now choose. To which would you rather belong? To which web would you choose to be connected? If it was the latter, the second web – and inevitably it seems that is the case in our world today – if somewhere within you, you had a vague memory of the first, what would you do? Would you not begin to search, desperately search? Search for the freedom once experienced, the lightness and stillness of a reality once known? Might this not be where we find ourselves as humanity today in the world around us? Restless, unsatisfied, aware that something is vastly amiss? Aware of being disconnected, of something missing. Have we not, throughout our life, lost our connection? Are we not now driven by an insatiable urge, by a distant memory of how it was, how it could be?
Let that vague memory become more and more vivid, let it become alive again. Turn away from the darkness, let the real search begin!

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Date: January 4, 2024
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: by ractapopulous on Pixabay CCO

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