Release From an Enchanted Image – Part 1

‘If you could rise where no creature lives, you would hear what God says.’ (J. Boehme, “Dialogues on the Supersensual Life”)

Release From an Enchanted Image – Part 1

The biblical picture of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden is well known in Western culture, but treated by many as merely a myth.  Nevertheless, there are those like Helena Blavatsky or Gerald Massey among others, who approach ancient myths, legends and stories, that have their origin in our modern tradition, by believing that ‘every one of such narratives has an actual, historical lining to it’. [1] This article is intended for them.

When we read in the Book of Genesis about the first parents who, as a result of their transgression of God’s Will, have to leave Paradise, we can intuitively feel that there is something to it.  The word ‘intuitive’ in this context, means that a person ceases to perceive the world through the eyes of religious dogma and begins to let his or her inner wisdom speak, even if the concepts and images conveyed by it are still very vague and enigmatic.

In such a case, one may have a vague sense that in the world we live in, our soul is in exile, and the biblical myth deepens in us the feeling of lost happiness, peace, bliss and harmony.  Today, there is a lot of talk about the fact that everything is one: that people are one and that they are one with the surrounding world and universe.  It sounds idyllic and lofty and has even become a kind of slogan for the people of the New Era.  However, the world outside seems to be the opposite of this picture.

Observed on a macro scale: wars, destruction of the natural environment, tormenting animals, unfair distribution of goods, exploitation, and on a micro scale: mutual quarrels, conflicts, cheating, betrayal, exclusion, segregation, blame, competition, struggle for survival, stress, and a sense of separation, do not at all point to the unity underlying all of creation.  So, we are dealing here with two matrices of manifestation: the one that exists in our imagination or ancient memory, and the other that we experience every day.

We can also see these two matrices in the biblical image of the tree of life, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  The tree of life can represent the unity matrix of the divine world.  Its name, ‘tree of life,’ suggests that there is no place for death within it; that life flows in a continuous, uninterrupted, all-embracing stream, connecting and communicating all beings with each other, endowing them with inexhaustible strength; unity, happiness, bliss and great enthusiasm.

The image of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, on the other hand, can be the matrix of our material world, in which coarse matter seems to play the role of a kind of ‘absorber’ of light, a factor separating various forms of life.  Light is the carrier of information; where there is no place for so-called evil, ignorance, forgetfulness, separation, darkness, shadow and deficiency in the broadest sense.  Joining with dense matter seems to separate us from the Divine Matrix, which makes our view of reality not holistic, but dual, contrasting, partial, and egocentric.  Instead of seeing the whole picture, we see everything from our individual perspective, perceiving some phenomena as favorable, that is, good, and some as unfavorable, that is, bad.

Due to our limited awareness, and the impulses it receives, we find ourselves in a world of hostile images, in a dangerous and strange land where we suffer, experience pain and loss, and fight against the dangers that threaten us.  This land is both our physical body, within which we experience diseases and ‘evil’ inscribed in our character, and the external world.  Through the matrix of knowing good and bad, we have become partly good and partly bad.  As the Polish singer Kazik sings in his song Arahja:

My body is divided by a wall

Ten fingers are on the left side

The other ten are on the right side

Head’s equal part is on each side


My street is divided by a wall

Right side lit with neon lights

The left side is completely off

I watch both sides from behind the curtain


The left side never wakes up

The right side never falls asleep

The left side never wakes up

The right side never falls asleep. [2]

This division took place as if by the power of some magic, which on some level hypnotized the divine consciousness of the proto-human, making it believe in divisions and limitations.

Star Mother as the Tree of Life

The above intuitions and assumptions are confirmed by the scientific discoveries of many contemporary researchers from various fields, and their synthesis can be found in the knowledge presented by the American psychophysiologist and electrical engineer, Daniel Winter.

Inspired by the discoveries of the Pythagorean Philolaus and the student of Plato – Theaetetus, modern researchers (J.P. Luminet, and J. Weeks) proposed that the universe as a whole is most likely spherical, has a finite size and symmetry of a regular dodecahedron – a solid consisting of 12 interconnected regular pentagons. They claim that this shape can explain the dimensions of the background microwave radiation.

Daniel Winter’s contribution to this, is the discovery that the geometry of a regular dodecahedron allows for ideal and fractal wave compression and acceleration.  The fractal implosion of the electric field of this geometry, creates a centripetal force that pulls the electric charge towards the center – and that creates life!  In addition, it is also the cause of gravity, and the fact that it enables non-destructive, infinite compression is a solution to Einstein’s uniform field theory.

According to physicists, the universe is 99.99 percent plasma, which is an electric charge cloud.  Some scientists today believe that this plasma is self-aware.  Plasmatic beings living at the ‘edges’ of the geometric curves of the universe, are equated with angels.  The correspondence of the English word ‘angel’ with the word ‘angle’ is not accidental.

Coming back to a plasma full of charges; in simple terms, it can be said that the electric charge is the basic building block of the universe.  Although everything is made of it, an anomaly has occurred in the matrix of our reality, as a result of which living beings may lose the ability to attract this compressible substance.  And that is tantamount to death; with the phenomenon of dying. [3]   And perhaps this is why the plane we live in is often referred to by Gnostics as “the nature of death”.

Dan Winter rediscovered and proved with the language of modern science that the matrix on which our universe is built is the so-called Star Mother – a regular polyhedron combining all five Platonic solids.  Thanks to the golden ratio, they are embedded in each other.  In the dialogue ‘Timaeus’, Plato assigned them to the four elements of which the world is to be composed.  He associated a tetrahedron with fire, a cube with earth, an octahedron with air, and an icosahedron with water.  About the last solid – the dodecahedron, he wrote that ‘God used it when he painted the Universe’, probably referring to the earlier tradition of the Pythagoreans, who considered the dodecahedron to be a skeleton or frame upon which the heavens were based.

The dodecahedron may therefore be the geometry of the ether of the divine fire, known in the esoteric sciences as the electric ether.  The Star Mother, consisting of five regular solids, is according to Dan Winter, an ideal three-dimensional electric field, a symmetry of perfect self-embedding and self-similarity, and is the symmetry of human DNA, the earth’s grid and the Zodiac, nestled within each other.

The structure of our DNA is therefore based on a regular dodecahedron, the walls of which are pentagrams.  But it is also based on hexagons, because you can inscribe a cube into a dodecahedron by tilting it 32 degrees from its base.  This pentagonal, odd geometry has for centuries been equated with the masculine ‘fecundating’ principle.  With the language of physics, it can be called electricity.  Hexagonal geometry, on the other hand, has been identified with the female principle, accepting and giving birth, and we can associate it with magnetic energy.  The correct divine pattern for the distribution of electricity in the manifested world is ‘the Spirit hovering over the waters’, this ‘Word that was in the beginning’, the Logos.  We experience this spirit only when the electric field generated by our heart is toroidal.

And it is toroidal when a person feels bliss and lights a special fire in the heart.  Then the heart, like a serpent-enchanting fakir, begins to make a harmonious, coherent sound that affects the DNA ‘serpentines’.  It programs them and entwines them until (thanks to the coherence of the sound flowing from the heart), the DNA becomes a torus, it takes the shape resembling a ring.  Then it implodes, drawing more and more fire energy ‘settling’ or ‘nesting’ in the energy of the universe on a fractal principle.  This geometric-electric adjustment of the heart to the powerful energies of the universe, to the divine matrix, Star Mother, Logos, and fusion with them, causes waves of ecstasy and a feeling of inexpressible happiness, which before the ‘fall’, before ‘expulsion from paradise’, was the natural state of man.

We can ask ourselves at this point: how often during the day do we feel such ecstatic bliss?  Moments of feeling like this are moments when we log out of the Matrix, ‘original sin’, the ‘Fall’; for a moment short as the blink of an eye we then ‘capture the pearl’, and outsmart Death. [4]   Unfortunately for most of us, these moments are like the lights of fast-dying matches; like a few bright points on the great dark matter of pseudo-life.  Therefore, as personalities, we are subject to death; therefore, our individual consciousness is largely dispersed after the end of a given incarnation and disconnection from the body.  Our condition in this world was long recognized by the Gnostics; as the authors of the book ‘The Brotherhood of Shamballa’ write: ‘The greatest reality in this field of existence is death, and life is but a shadow’.  [5]

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

According to Dan Winter, the matrix of the tree of knowledge of good and evil is based on a frequency equal to the speed of light that surrounds the earth like an egg shell.  The Universal Wisdom reports that the frequency of vibrations of an astral substance of this nature ranges from 450 terahertz to 700 terahertz.  When a person breaks this vibration limit in a negative way, when he slows down and lowers his vibrations below this lower limit, his personality can no longer remain in the physical body and it explodes, breaks down, disintegrates and dies, and his personality is annihilated.  Such death condemns the human microcosm to endless repetitions in the wheel of birth and death.  On the other hand, if a man is able to react to the touch of the field of the divine matrix and systematically raise his vibrations, he has a chance to exceed the frequencies of earthly nature, which will result in a ’resurrection’, overcoming death, liberation from the world of time and space, and entering the cosmic area operating in accordance with the Plan of God, where everything is done in the ‘eternal Now’.

In our genetic code, the structure of which is based, as we said, on the dodecahedron, changes have been made that limited our connection to the divine matrix.  This limitation was achieved by programming our DNA with a certain language.  To understand this better, we need to change our understanding of what an alphabet is.  Kabbalah teaches that the letters of the alphabet are not just flat stamps on paper or a computer screen, but that they are powerful, wonderful forces of primordial energy.  By means of shape, sound, and vibration, the letter acts as an antenna that excites and directs the energies of the universe. [6]   Russian scientists and linguists have found that the genetic code follows the same rules as all our human languages.  As a result, human language did not appear by accident, but is a reflection of our DNA.

The letters of the alphabets are created by changing the position of the ‘golden spiral’ placed on the torus (which is the electric field of the divine matrix), which tilts in the manner determined by the symmetry axes of Platonic solids.  It is enough to make ’reeze-frames’ of the spiral changing its position to get the next letters of the alphabets.

The human DNA was programmed with a language based solely on the symmetry axes of the regular tetrahedron, which degraded a divine man to something like a golem – a being without a real, divine soul.  By the way, the same knowledge is passed on for centuries by the Gnostic brotherhoods that distinguish the natural soul from the divine soul, the symbol of which is the regular (fractal) pentagon-pentagram!

The regular tetrahedron, which is the principle of the earth element of fire, is not fractal; it belongs to the geometry of the ‘tetra-hexa-icosa’, which cannot attract an electric charge.  This does not mean that this geometry is flawed – it is part of the Star Mother.  However, unlike fractal geometry, whose task is to bring everything to life, to instantly communicate everything with everything, to create gravity and dynamically grow, the task of this geometry is to maintain the stability and balance of systems arising at different scales.

This geometry promotes inertia, stagnation, accumulation, storage, support, separation and preservation.  Therefore, it enables behaviors such as lying, manipulating, secrecy, and hiding the truth.  These two geometries, and the energies associated with them, have a completely different task to fulfill.  The problem with our world seems to be the fact that they are in us, and thus in our reality, artificially separated to some extent.  This separation has been presented in many myths as the separation of divine spouses (the myth of Osiris and Isis, or Orpheus and Eurydice), and on the spiritual level it is reflected in the separation of Soul from Spirit.

The consequence of this is that we no longer live from the divine fire of Spirit (the electric ether), but from the non-divine fire which is the substance of our egocentric consciousness.  Therefore, we live in the reality of a constant lack of energy, which we supplement by supplying it from outside of ourselves through, among others things, parasitizing other creatures.  By losing the awareness of oneness, we have largely lost our capacity for empathy; we live in a world of ubiquitous suffering.

As a result of these changes, we are now under the influence of the 12 tainted aeonic zodiacal forces, instead of the 12 sacred forces of the Zodiac of the divine matrix.  They influence us, among other things, through the 12 pairs of cranial nerves responsible for the way we perceive reality.  They deceive our sensory organs, showing us only a fragment of reality and limiting our consciousness.  In addition, they are connected with invisible threads to our entire being, sending us contaminated impulses, under the influence of which we constantly increase our karmic load.  And this keeps us in the prison of the wheel of birth and death; what Buddhists call the wheel of samsara.

This information should not be taken as an attempt to accuse any beings, races, or gods.  The ‘we-them’ attitude is part of the matrix of the tree of good and evil, keeping us polarized, making victims of us and blocking our ‘fractality’.  From a spiritual point of view, it is good to realize that we have designed everything for ourselves and that there is a gift hidden in everything we experience.  We will refer to this later in the article.

In the biblical myth, we have a picture of the first parents eating of the forbidden fruit, which means their connection to a polarized matrix.  As a result, they become aware of their own nakedness, that is, the fact that they have lost the ‘light robe’ of their divine soul.  They receive garments made of ‘animal skins’ – they put on a biological body of coarse matter.

Existing inside the electromagnetic bubble surrounding the earth, disconnected from our divine soul, we transformed in this matrix into almost programmed bio-robots and automatons.  With a natural soul, we are endowed with some kind of intelligence, but it is a lower form of thinking, limited to concrete, mundane matters, coupled with the animal instincts of our bodies, fear-conditioned, polarized, and self-centered.  In our behavior, we follow the patterns of our ancestors, we love traditions, unchanging rituals, we believe in what we are taught from childhood, we follow the instinct of the herd.  We identify with the roles we play in the family and society.  We submit to external control, and if something unpleasant happens to us, we blame external circumstances for it.  Our interests revolve around the world of matter, the accumulation of goods, career, procreation and survival.  In this context, we better understand the words of the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene:

Matter gave birth to a passion that has no equal, which proceeded from something contrary to nature.  Then there arises a disturbance in its whole body.  That is why I said to you: be of good courage, and if you are discouraged be encouraged in the presence of the different forms of nature”. [7]


(To be continued in Part 2)


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