Reality perceived – Part 2

The spiral staircase to the royal wedding hall' depicts a connection between the heart chakra and the supreme chakra in the head.

Reality perceived – Part 2

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Human thought has developed into a spiritual dimension, and that spiritual dimension uses its own language that differs from scientific language. Spiritual language offers the possibility of thinking beyond borders. It starts from the physicality of man and specifically from the brain and the organisation of the head. But from there it moves higher in its thinking. We can get a taste of the language of the spiritual dimension with some excerpts from J. van Rijckenborgh’s commentary on ‘The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross [1].



Quotes are given in italics; connecting thoughts in straight letters.

In our dialectical natural life we only know a dual culture: that of the substance and that of the soul. What is the soul, the nature-soul? It is the consciousness that animates the personality.

Every atom of the personality possesses a life principle, a life force. The sum of the life forces of all the atoms of the personality forms the consciousness, which is erroneously called spirit.

Consciousness, therefore, is also in this model seen as an emergent property that arises from a cooperative of atoms, grouped together in cells and organs.

The culture of that consciousness is therefore purely physical and material, leading to the metaphysics of the reflecting sphere, or to a blending of both spheres. One can strive for the cultivation of matter with one’s consciousness. With consciousness as a basis, one can try to idealise, cultivate, and thus deify the personality. The soul of nature and the body then work together to achieve this goal. From these efforts reflexes are formed in the reflecting sphere, that is, in the astral field of our dialectic dialectical life field. These reflexes do not lead to liberation. They imprison man more and more.

Science observes that our perception is determined to a large extent by our history, by what we saw and felt before, rather than by a fresh, open interaction with the reality of the moment. In a lifetime, man’s history, the accumulated memories, become ever larger and heavier. They imprison the human being more and more.

In the normal natural born state, consciousness resides in the heart and in the head. There is a split between the two views of consciousness. There is no unity. The considerations of the heart are usually totally different from those of the head. Because the heart is so directly connected with the astral body of man, there is usually a powerful domination of the heart over the head. What the heart does not want does not enter the head.

The heart is the feeling element in consciousness. Emotions determine the choices we make. Even if those choices are made after a thorough rational assessment – in the neocortex – of all the elements of the decision, what we feel is decisive for our choice.

Since in the natural-born state the astral factor of the heart, the soul factor, plays the main role, the candelabra of consciousness in the head, consisting of the astral fluid in the seven cerebral cavities, only fulfils the well-known intellectual role, through which the various brain centres are fully attuned to the natural born state. The mind is only concerned with self-preservation.

The scientific view holds that the brain and its associated consciousness did indeed develop out of the need to navigate our perceived reality as efficiently as possible and thus survive in it. A higher, underlying cause is denied. The spiritual language continues :

‘The spiral staircase to the royal wedding hall’ depicts a connection between the heart chakra and the supreme chakra in the head that corresponds to the pinealis. When the soul is born, the candelabra burns in equilibrium and is united, a literal ethereal light bond develops between the heart and the head, free from any anatomical view. This bonding is formed from reflecting ether and light ether, which is mental and sensual, and has a clear spiral movement. Hence ‘spiral staircase’.

Apparently, in order to achieve results in the spiritual dimension, a consciousness must emerge that transcends atomic consciousness and cannot be explained from it. An alien element, a new factor is needed that makes this new consciousness, this new soul possible.

The pineal organ is a breathing and perceiving organ. We breathe in prana, from which we live and are. And our whole state of being, including the atoms, starts to conform.

There is a great danger in cultivating the pinealis in such a way that we can only be serfs of the nature of death. In all times there have been herbs, perfumes and various breathing techniques with which one can influence the glands with internal secretion, the nerve ether and the spinal fire. These are very negative and extremely dangerous ways to influence the pineal glands through negative body influences and to make them serve a purpose. For example with incense. Or with all kinds of medicines and healing methods that, due to ignorance, can have no other result than a complete degeneration of the pineal system. When we try to eliminate the effects [of natural radiation] in all kinds of negative ways without eliminating the cause, the pineal system degenerates. There is only one way to close the pineal system to natural influences and open it to the original spiritual man:  rebirth of the soul. Only the psychological healing methods that are in line with this can be useful for the human being of the future.

What is your I-consciousness? It is the aggregate of the life force present in all the atoms of your system. Where does it come from? Surely from the creator, who breathed his breath of life into the primordial substance. In the same way, the consciousness of the self is in a certain sense born of God. But the life-breath of the atom is not complete. That breath must merge with other divine values in order to bring about the God plan.

Where does the core force of your individual field of manifestation – your microcosm – come from? Surely also from the Father of all things. The soul too is of God. The spirit, the kingly force itself, is with you, around you and in you.

In the original spiritual man, the spirit and the soul are present in undividedness as the divine power, in which the idea, the essence and the seed of the body intended by God are hidden.

Expressed as an image:

The tower in the square on the island, the possibility of ascending to the new ethereal….

Imagine: the atoms start to conform.

The scientific approach [2] states that a new consciousness will then be formed, rising from the multitude of atoms working together to form our being. A new consciousness means a new perception. A new perception of reality. We can leave the philosophical question unanswered here, whether this newly observed reality then is a reality independent from us, a true reality. Perception then meaning: seeing the truth.



[1] J. van Rijckenborgh, The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross, Rozekruispers 2017

[2] David Eagleman, Incognito, Publisher Vintage 2012

David Eagleman, The Brain, Publisher Vintage 2017

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