Reality forms Consciousness, Consciousness creates Reality

Where is the exit, please?

Reality forms Consciousness, Consciousness creates Reality

As long as my consciousness relies on the mind – my own or that of others – I create my life from experiences and knowledge, that is, from the past. Mind is fast, thinking is fast so that fear cannot spread, fear that I am not in control of what is and what will be. Fear of not knowing, of that which is not known.

What happens when I allow the state of uncertainty, when I endure the not-knowing?

Be still – be attentive – feel: there is this great field of possibility that quantum physics also speaks of. For a problem, a situation that arises from this field, the solution also exists there. I don’t have to “think it up” – in my consciousness there is the ability to perceive it. Provided my thinking keeps still for a while.

It is this phenomenon of emergence: By being attentive without having any intentions, by simply perceiving what is, something can emerge whose essence and characteristics cannot be explained from what I have perceived so far. Something that is not based on the past, but is truly new and previously unknown. And the moment it shows itself, it is absolutely clear that it is exactly the right thing.

That applies to the outer reality. And it is also true on my inner path. I can’t “know” it, and I can’t make it up. It needs trust, because it only emerges step by step as I walk it. It comes into being through the fact that I walk it.




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Date: February 14, 2021
Author: Peri Schmelzer (Germany)
Photo: LEEROY Agency auf Pixabay CCO

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