Ray has a double center

“Every ray has a double center. […] Similarly, every human being has a double center.“ (Comenius: Centrum securitatis)

Ray has a double center

What are we aware of at this moment? Maybe we all usually only live half-heartedly, unconscious of the other half. The second center remains unknown. But it beats and sighs softly all the time. Do you think that might be so?

The dual nature causes unease, excitement of the soul and an inner conversation. Maybe there is already someone listening carefully, who hears: Hello, anybody out there? Hopefully I haven´t been forgotten…? There always comes a moment when we meet. And when we meet, then you recognize me. By me allowing myself to be recognised, you will recognize yourself as well. But it doesn’t happen according to your imagination. Our meetings are not scheduled by you. There is a different plan. The plan unfolds from a large center emitting rays. And… each ray has a double center.

The whole world is radiation. Matter is energy. Everything is permeated by vibrating rays. If as Comenius says, each ray has a double center, then it means that the nature of the universe, man and the macrocosm is double. There are two essences side by side, two qualities, two orders, two matrices.

Comenius expands this idea: “[…] The general one or common one, from which it runs out and to which it returns. The other one is its own one […] The common one, which is God, the creator and maintainer of everything, and the other one, its own one, which is its God given nature“[1].

There are two parallel worlds emerging from two centers. The first one is carried by the ray of eternity, the other one comprises variability and transience.

When the ray of eternity vibrates inside a human being, it can be pleasant and soothing or conversely, it tears us out of everyday life or causes a crisis. Our feelings don’t really matter, they are just an accompanying phenomenon of a deeper inner action. Basically it is a clash of two different rays and nuclei, two matrices. We know the vibration of the transient one very well, we are well established in it. There exists also the vibration of the eternal one, but not everyone is aware of it. It is calling us, perhaps from all sides. It is in every human being, in all creation. If we listen to it, it will guide us and correct the rotation of all rays that have turned away from the original center. Internal resonance shows that everything begins in harmony, with the center of eternity.

Imagine a drop of water falling on the surface of the water. As the drop falls into the water, the flat, calm, motionless surface ripples and forms circular waves spreading from the center in all directions. A circle follows another circle. Circles closer to the center spread into space and the more distant ones are barely visible. Nevertheless, they all carry the original information and they correspond to the vibration and energy of the center.

Absolutely every human being and humankind in general resides in one of the circles vibrating from the center. Some people are closer to the center, others are in a circle further away. Everyone is included. No one is left out. Every human being carries the information from the center. Someone already lives consciously from the center of eternity. And another as yet does not. All circles resonate with their center. It is only a matter of time until we are all fully aware of the center of eternity. It is a rule.

Security and safety emanate from the center of eternity, Comenius wrote. And this is exactly what can be seen in this rule.

We live in our own centers, which are not solid and are subject to considerable deflections. One’s own center is namely egocentric. And we know how binding and blind egocentricity is. Naturally it cannot be otherwise, because any other center we would like to grasp, other than the center of eternity, the center of the beginning of all creation, will not have the qualities of pure, initial creative power and energy. With our egocentric efforts, we find ourselves in vicious circles that do not resonate with the vibration of the center of eternity.

Is it not the freedom of man to constantly decide and choose, in what centre we will place our anchor? Is not life just about constantly asking what we desire, how we think and what we do?

Is it not as if with every step we take we find ourselves at the crossroads of waves?

[1] Comenius, Jan Amos: Centrum securitatis. Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Poutníkova četba, 2017, p. 29.

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Date: April 8, 2021
Author: Olga Rosenkranzová (Czech Republic)
Photo: eko pramono via Pixabay

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