Radiating Healing

Resonating with someone whose system is in a state of harmonious vibration can have a beneficial healing affect.

Radiating Healing

When we talk about healing, what is it that we are actually discussing? When an individual is experiencing an imbalance in their system, what we think of as illness, then healing is the process of returning the system back to balance through the application of prescriptive medicines, applied therapies, or some form of intervention. There is however, another form of healing that involves the state of the soul of the individual, thus the state of ‘being’, that can also bring about a harmonious balance within the system, so that the individual can be said to be truly ‘healed’.

The Individual Human Being

It can be that an individual experiences an imbalance in their life, an imbalance that can express itself in either the physical, emotional or psychological vehicles in what we term an illness, and thus they can be said to suffer. Healing this illness therefore means restoring the balance through appropriate remedies or therapies. In the case of the physical body, we might employ allopathic remedies, such as medications, herbal extracts etc, and for the psychological or emotional imbalances, we might employ remedies that are higher and more refined in vibration, such as homeopathy or Bach Flowers.  

Through these medicines we aim to restore the balance of the system, and hence restore ‘health’.

Spiritual healing, or healing through the transference of energy is more difficult to measure or even explain from a purely scientific approach. For instance, is the healing energy drawn from the practitioners’ own being, or do they simply act as a transformer or funnel for a universal energy? Such differentiations require a higher degree of sensory perception, but also the understanding that there are forms of healing other than those practiced by our accepted medical profession. It is known that the state of consciousness of the practitioner, whether orthodox or otherwise, has some bearing on the efficacy of the remedy, still what is less understood is the role the ‘intent’ of the practitioner plays in the healing process, the transference of energy through the act of conscious ‘doing’.  

Healing through Being

What is meant by this statement, and how does it unfold? Usually we connect healing with a conscious act of ‘doing’. But there is healing that is brought about by a person’s state of being.

Unintentional healing?

Each of us has probably had the experience that there are places where we feel comfortable, places that give us the feeling of harmony, balance, and that when we spend time there, ‘nature’ revitalizes us. It can also be that we have experienced a physical location whose ‘vibration’ we feel has a healing effect on us. It is like the vibration, the energy of such a place fills something that is lacking within us, it completes us, it makes us feel whole. But of course, there is no one present who has the conscious intention of healing us. It is simply an experience where our whole being resonates with the vibration of such a place.  We ‘breathe in the atmosphere’ as they say.

The same can be said when we spend time with our friends. We attune ourselves to each other, unintentionally, and when we go our separate ways, we leave with a sense of joy, of having been reenergized.

In nature, harmonious vibration is almost self-evident, as it is part of its own inner being. Whether a person is in a harmonious state of vibration, however, depends on their state of being, which in turn is determined by consciousness.

Our state of consciousness influences how we think and feel. Our thoughts and feelings decide how we act. And from our actions arise our life and our being. Thus our consciousness creates our life, and from life our state of being becomes clear.

As an individuals’ consciousness grows, as their awareness grows, so their state of being also raises itself in vibration, and accordingly we see a corresponding increase in vibration of the etheric body.  Now if a person is ill and hence their etheric body is in disharmony, out of balance, and this person comes into contact with an individual whose system is in a state of harmony, then a transference of healthy ethers can occur, and a healing effect can be experienced by the sick person.

This can happen without any conscious intent by either party. It can be likened to the activity of the sun, which radiates on all of life regardless of the state of being that receives it, and hence makes all life possible. A healthy etheric body will also radiate its harmony into its surroundings, and an etheric body that is out of balance, will automatically attract that which it lacks, in other words, healthy ethers.

No Man is an Island unto Himself

And so, just as the sun radiates impersonally on all of life, and therefore is all encompassing, so people also interact with each other, even when they do not come into physical contact.  The life of the human being is not one of separation, but rather we are invariably linked to each other and all that surrounds us through an invisible network of vibrations. The German author Joerg Starckmuth described this situation beautifully in his book: ‘Die Entstehung der Realitaet’ – The Making of Reality – How Consciousness Creates the World.

‘The world view of creative consciousness contradicts our intuitive logic. This is due to the fact that our mind is deeply rooted in the idea – created by itself – that we humans are separate, largely independent individuals. […]

We are, however, not lonesome freelancers of creation. Wherever people relate to each other, they are a sworn creation team. To be more precise, even the term “team” is still far too strongly rooted in the idea of separate individuals. The answer to the question as to whose consciousness will “prevail” in a group is always: the joint one. […]

From their ego, limited by the illusion of separation, an individual cannot create significant new currents in collective consciousness. However, the more they expand their frame of consciousness and open up to being connected with everything, the greater their radius of change becomes. […]

You can think of humanity as a network of points, and each point is connected to others who experience similar realities.’

We can also find the analogy of the connectedness of all people in the Hindu and Buddhist stories of the net of the God Indra, in which each knot, each individual is represented as a polished jewel. This ‘being bound together’ means that we take our share of responsibility for the whole by taking responsibility for our state of being, for our vibrational state, because it evokes a resonance in other people. In this way we create reality – whether we are aware of it or not.

Duty and Responsibility

Joerg Starckmuth takes this ‘connectedness’ one step further when he says:

‘An individual comes thereby to a region at some time, in which all points wander in the same direction. The individual has become a part of a collective current. He is basically being carried along by the stream of life, and his entire surrounding reality, including all his fellow human beings, carry with them the process, and advance it. […]

This state will be arrived at, when the separating ego loses its (apparent) meaning and the consciousness aligns and orchestrates itself with the unity of all Being.’

We can ask ourselves the question: do we have the power to align our consciousness to the Unity of the All? This state can only be reached when the ‘the separating ego loses its meaning’. How should the ego achieve this?

This path is predicated with a duty and responsibility, which from our own inner ability, we cannot fully understand or hope to fulfill, as long as we approach such a path only with the resources of the ego. So how can we experience this unity?

We have previously touched on the state of being of man and spoken about how this is, to a large degree, determined by his state of consciousness. We need to accept that there are many different factors and influences that determine this state of consciousness, one of which the Rosicrucian philosophy describes as involving the ‘Rose of the Heart’. This ‘Rose’ is primarily a dormant spiritual principle found in the heart of man, though not fully active, does however vibrate, stirring the fundamental vibration of the ‘I’. This vibration of the Rose, this fragrance of the Rose, will be felt by the ego as a longing to return to its spiritual origins, and if we react positively to it, if we allow this longing to grow, it will impact on and affect our consciousness, and thus our state of being. Gradually through such a process, the ego will relinquish its ‘meaning’, and a new, higher vibration will infuse itself into the state of being, and a new harmony with everyone and everything enters the system. Thus the state of being enters a new realm of ‘health’.

Radiating Healing

Such a vibrational transformation, such a transfiguration, has endless consequences. We stand before the possibility of a deep transformation of our being, a transfiguration into a new state of vibration that will impact on, not only ourselves and our fellow man, but also on our planet, on the earth and all life on it. It will begin a true healing process. It is a process of attuning oneself to a state of consciousness that will once again connect man to the spiritual origins lost in the beginning of time.

The Rose of the Heart is a divine spiritual principle whose vibration cannot but reflect the divinity of its origin, and fundamentally is one with the Universal Consciousness. When we feel this activity of the Rose, this longing in our hearts, then our being will experience the impulse to change, our consciousness will focus on fulfilling this longing. And the more people there are who become conscious of the vibration principle that lives in their hearts, and follow its guidance, the more the net of the God Indra attains a higher, more precious quality. Health is not only restored to the jewels in the net, but to the net itself as well.

With our current limited thinking, it is not possible to predict what such a transformation towards a universal consciousness means for us, but we can experience a gradual merging into this Universal Unity, and thereby become ever more cognizant of our ultimate duty as Man, an awareness built on a vibrational harmony, a return to true ‘health’.

And so it holds, to admit yourself, step by step into the process, for ‘all of Creation waits longingly for the Child of God to be revealed’.

The Night…
The night falls and man sleeps like fish in black water. Then the day.
Some pick up their tools,
Others become themselves the tool.


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Date: July 27, 2020
Author: Peri Schmelzer (Germany)
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