Perception – vibration – space-time

"If the doors of perception were cleared, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite. For man has closed in on himself to the point of considering everything through the narrow gaps of his cave." William Blake

Perception – vibration – space-time



Do I realize that I see the world through my ideals? Can my mind see all that I have accumulated without the intervention of thought?

Thoughts distort perception, leading us into endless scenarios. Everything is present in the immense diversity of life. Ideology selects and finds external proofs of our ideas, and our mind interprets it as evidence, indisputable elements of its honesty. Do we realize that ideology is a choice we feed and it remains superficial? When the choice of ideology is made (religion, tradition, sports club, politics…), it must be maintained.

When we choose a way, we do not want to be questioned; our life is too painful, there is too much suffering, we do not want to add to it… The more sordid the reality is, the more we want to connect to a virtual world. The illusion becomes a painkiller! The virtual world completely anaesthetizes us, and thus we no longer see the illusion in which we live and which makes us suffer so much.

For many years, we have been warned of these dangers of the virtual, of illusion: Matrix, 1984, Wall-e, Brave New World… These books or films are very clear about the threats.

Do I notice I am being deceived, that I am “playing tricks” on myself, that, in fact, I have not moved one iota in the reality of my life? Indeed, I have made measurable progress concerning my ideology, but I am still creating disturbances, conflicts, confusion…

So, what’s going on?

Just like a cat watching a mouse, with total attention to what is, I observe all this, without comment… and then, because I stay with what is, an inner silence fills me. I am one with what I observe; I do not make a choice! I want nothing, I don’t want to become anything… Meditation settles in. It is the result of observing daily facts and gestures, both internal and external; it cannot be learned! In this silence, there is a tremendous energy, the energy of the void.

Then, perception becomes…


The universe is vibration. Everything vibrates. Everything is born and returns to this vibration. But no one can harmonize with the high cosmic vibrations if he has not known himself.”

Joseph Aguiar

This indefinable and elusive radiation: peace, strength, silence, joy, does not depend on external circumstances and is strengthened by adversity. It is a gift of a daily life lived in this essential relationship, in this immensity that surrounds us…

Silence nourishes this vibration, and it depends on us to make this silence take up residence within us: not to enter the contradictions of daily life, not to maintain polarities, to vivify silence by tasting it…

And then, time is no more.

Space and time

We know three dimensions: height, length and width. We experience our living space through these three dimensions. No matter how wide we make or imagine this three-dimensional space, it always has limits, it always has restrictions and it always means imprisonment. […]

It is clear that the difficulties connected with this would cease immediately if there were a fourth dimension […]

That fourth dimension does exist! […]

It is the dimension that completely eliminates time, distance and past, present and future, the now and the soon to be. »

The Living Word of Catharose de Petri, pp. 20-21, 1996 edition, Rozekruis Pers, Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Is the source of humanity’s conflict the inability of the individual to face the reality of what he “is”, psychologically, with the corollary of the chimerical quest of what he must “become”? This incapacity has its source in the deep divisions introduced in the psyche by the thought, and more particularly by the thought which causes the experience of the time and the “me” “.

The ending of time, dialogues by J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm, Le Rocher, 1987.

Time is not an element of awakening. Everything that takes time is linked to time. All our activities results from our thinking, they are the scenarios of our thoughts, and have time as their base. We are talking about the psychological time we need to free ourselves from, not the time required to learn to drive or cook, for example.

Time and thought are past, present and future! Therefore, what we are now will continue to create the future on what it has built in the past.  It is a machine “to become”. To become something else or someone else; to transform oneself; to always want more, to always be more… to think that, with time, everything can be fixed thanks to different techniques and spiritualities… All this is only an escape, an inability to face the reality that we want to embellish with our imagination. We only function in this system by putting what we will never reach in front of us. All we can achieve is the observation of this whole system in the present.

Blaise Pascal said:

We run happily towards the abyss when we place something before our eyes“.

But there is a possibility of radical change! There is a possibility to end the psychological time resulting from the desire to become, to know, knowing that it results from the various scenarios our thinking has set up to continue to function “in its narrow box”. And it is of extraordinary beauty, great joy, and freedom, too, to end something (even learning and wanting to experiment).

If the idea of progress, of time to achieve anything, is no more, then there is only one movement, only one dynamic: the moment, the silence. In this state, our mind no longer chooses a direction, the becoming no longer exists, and the conflict ceases. In this state of meditation, a formidable energy source vibrates within us. Time is no more; life is  a continued observation and dying within the moment. Then, the occurring creation is truly new!


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Date: June 20, 2022
Author: Ghislaine Bousquet (Switzerland)
Photo: Gradienta on Unsplash CCO

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