Parents of the new soul

We are all parents of the new soul. Once your new soul is born, it will revolutionize your world.

Parents of the new soul

A lifetime of expectation, nine months of preparation, and a moment of absolute silence just before: the birth of an entirely new world. My son. Nothing can prepare you for this. All that once was, is no longer. The birth of a child affects our life and humanity as the birth of stars and planets affects the universe and all the pre-existing stars and planets. Yet essentially and very directly it completely influences the life of the immediate family. When a human being is born, it is surrounded, is part of, and lives in a miniature world, a magnetic field or planet that is unique to him or her. This planet, with all the magnetic consequences, determines the human being’s relationship with every other living thing on Planet Earth and beyond. We like to call this unique miniature planet the microcosm. We are magnetically affected by each other’s miniature worlds and we influence one another just by existing, by a mere thought, or by a breath. We are one.

Everything changed with the birth of my first son. And then with the birth of my daughter, everything changed again. If my miniature world is directly affected by the magnetic field of a new-born world, and I could physically feel the change, then this new-born world was bound to affect every other magnetic field around it, even if less obviously. Each individual miniature world carries a signature, an archetype, which shapes its existence and its life on Planet Earth. Its reach, its range, its potential are all predetermined by the sum of its experiences, good and bad; by all its past lives and also by the history of the human being’s ancestors. How these mini-worlds interact and develop is very much limited and determined by these factors.

Now imagine that we, in the same way that we are a means for creating other human beings that in turn affect and determine our lives, may also nurture our own eternal soul so that it can awaken and develop in our hearts. And imagine that this new soul determines not only our own life, but also the lives of each and every other person, of every living being on this planet: animal, plant and mineral. Therefore as wonderful and meaningful–as breathtaking and life-changing–as having a child may be, we actually become parents when we give birth to the idea of growing a soul in our hearts. And when we actually make way for it to grow.

This new soul is the eternal seed of life. It is capable of leading the way for our miniature world to transform back to its original state of perfection prior to the great fall, complete with the wisdom acquired by the intense experiences accumulated through countless lifetimes. Essentially the new soul sheds light into our existence, enabling us to see clearly and to navigate accurately through life in a state of intelligent alertness. Consequently we can truly learn from every experience and use each one conscientiously for the complete transformation of our being. In the same way as a newborn star sheds light into the dark matter that surrounds it, so the new soul sheds light into our blurred consciousness. Then the very experiences that were a means for the human being and its miniature world to reach their maturity, their turning point, become the obstacles which must be demolished for a successful transformation. The only tool is light itself. The only goal is a complete transformation guided by the new soul which, matured to become a full adult, commands the once-lost world, ready for its true God-given manifestation.

We are all parents of the new soul. Its birth will revolutionize your world. And if you nurture it as you would a new-born baby, it will one day be your guide, your lighthouse and a haven for life.

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Date: December 22, 2017
Author: Grupo de autores Logon
Photo: Picsabay CC0

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