Everything is important and nothing really matters


Sometimes what is hard to express can be stated as a verbal paradox. An example of this is the oxymoron ‘everything is important and nothing really matters’. If we take a close look at this expression, we will notice that it is controversial only at first sight, and that the two mutually exclusive statements are logically interrelated.

Take: Everything is important. That refers to what is present, what takes effect in our life. Here we are talking about what moves us and sets the direction of our own development at any moment, day after day, year after year. What provokes our thoughts, feelings and actions – the ego or the voice of the heart? Our consciousness and our state of life depend on this. Our internal state leads us either to disease and death, or to Unity, Freedom and Love. So everything we do during the little piece of time we call “our life” is important – to us and to the whole of which we are a part.

The expression continues with: Nothing really matters. Here the meaning is that nothing of what is happening has the meaning we attribute to it. The I-centered man knows absolutely nothing about the deep reasons of what occurs, and is unable to perceive things with a realistic perspective. With his presumptions, he always projects his own imperfection onto people and events. In fact, wherever he looks, he only sees himself. And when, figuratively speaking, he is about to shoot, he again aims at himself. The human inability to understand and accept this fact is the cause of isolation, hostility and loss of power, with all the resulting consequences.

He who yearns for true healing, for a New Life, does not waste time with the outer things, but turns his sight inward. The inner way is the Only way. The one who is walking the Path knows that there is no teaching or school which will deliver him to the Kingdom of Heaven, like luggage on a high-speed train, while he’s looking at the scenery. No one can do for him what he needs to do on a daily basis, minute after minute.

So if he can catch Ariadne’s thread, he goes on a journey without delay, and walks through the labyrinth of his own world in self-responsibility and persistence, in silence and piety. Then, there is no limit to the possibilities that lay before him.

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Date: June 14, 2019
Author: Katya Georgieva (Bulgaria)
Photo: Jr Korpa on Unsplash CCO

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