Only the source of everything leads to original life

Interview with the Rosicrucian Ide Meeter about knowing and not knowing

Only the source of everything leads to original life

Which role does (transferable) knowledge play on a spiritual path?

Spiritual knowledge which you receive from books or through people, must always be tested against what you yourself already know from within, namely the knowledge of being connected with the source from which everything has come. This testing is the contemplation of the knowledge. It gives you new insights, lets you develop. Then perhaps the knowledge becomes an insight from which you can act and it becomes alive.

What do you need to know? What can you even know – what is inner knowledge, how far does knowledge go?

Every human being has an inner compass that can guide him through his life. This is not the ego but when the ego becomes silent that compass can make itself heard. It is the primal core in the microcosm of every human being, it is part of that great Divine light source of the beginning of life. It is like a primal wisdom, a soul principle, hidden in every microcosm. In that core of the microcosm the true knowledge lies hidden. When that core is brought into the light it will remember its origin and a deep longing will pass through us. As a new energy, it will always incite us to search for that origin. The inner compass, the primal atom, will always point you to its origin – to a liberating life of the soul.

Is it possible that not-knowing can play an important role?

A well-known statement is: The most important knowledge is that one knows nothing. This may seem confusing, but it indicates that earthly knowledge will never lead you to a liberating life. The most important knowledge in life is that you never forget that you are connected to that inner core. You are not only that Ego but you are a much larger being that is connected to its source. The source of everything, with the Light, the original life. That’s why it says on the cornerstone of a wall of the new Noverosa[1] building: “Child, never forget again the rose that sings in you”. This rose, this original knowledge is the inner knowing, of belonging in another world, that is the most important knowing.

The earthly man thinks that life here on earth is the only life and the Ego, the earthly man, will do everything to sustain himself here as well as possible. But when the rose, the compass, the divine spark is awakened and that inner knowledge is awakened, it becomes confusing for the earthly man. He doesn’t understand at first, a new energy is flowing through him, but what should he do with it? But when he hears the Song of the Rose within him singing the song about another and liberated life, a longing is born in him. A longing for that freedom. In this way the Ego comes to understand more and more that it is not the center of life, it belongs to the transient life. This, however, is about an eternal life. The Ego has to make way for the inner knowledge, that has to take the lead in life. That is the most difficult thing there is, for the Ego, that it does not come first but follows. It has to surrender to that inner knowledge. This results in a struggle within the human being.

What is your main guide? How do you experience the transforming aspect of the path?

My main guide on the Rosicrucian path is that inner compass. When you trust it and let it guide you, then you know you are directly connected to a greater life. When you choose the Light, the slow matter will have to follow. You will then be helped on all sides. Life on earth should be taken seriously and done as well as possible, but above all you should not bother too much about it and not worry about it. It is about that inner life. When you do this, you notice that you change, the centre of gravity in your life shifts. That makes you a happy person who goes his rose path with his friends.

Ide Meeter

Ide Meeter

Born in 1963, her parents are students of the Golden Rosycross. Raised in the Rosicrucian Youth work. Teacher from 1984-2002 (at the Van Rijckenborgh School in Hilversum, NL from 1987-2002).

Since 2003 director of the Youth Conference Site Noverosa of the Golden Rosycross in the Netherlands.

[1] Noverosa is the Youth Conference Site of the Golden Rosycross in the Netherlands

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Date: February 10, 2020
Author: Angela Paap (Germany)
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