Never to be forgotten.



They seat themselves before their instrument.

For an instant they are separate.

There is a delicacy, a sensitivity about them, something that can be felt, observed but not described.


Suddenly a performance begins, an experience.

As if an invisible magic thread is woven.

All separation disappears.


The two become one – musician and instrument, instrument and musician.

No music sheet, just a knowing, a connection.

Nothing else is necessary.


Unseen messages flow between them, they follow, flow together.

Sometimes a soft, gentle response, sometimes a dramatic outburst.

But always perfect, as the invisible moment requires.

No longer does the musician play the instrument but rather it seems that the instrument equally plays the musician.

Total connectedness, a palpable unity between them.

A gentle harmony, a oneness.


The performance ends but the impression remains.

It has touched the audience, the conductor, the orchestra.

They are left spellbound, astonished.


We too are seeking that same unity, that same sense of oneness.

That touch that leaves us spellbound, transformed.

That can be shared, communicated one to another.

Not in words but in inner knowing.


If one has the fortune to experience it, one never forgets.


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Date: April 24, 2021
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Herbert Bieser on Pixabay CCO

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