On the way to myself

Travelling by night ...

On the way to myself

It is calming to travel through the countryside nights, by train.

The long rural stretches so still and pleasing to take in.

Only the light from the windows of faraway houses bring a homely feeling therein. Now and then appears a faded streetlight. Then stretches of darkness, in which I try to find a way into my self. Only in the distant horizon, I see a brighter band of light as a point of separation between heaven and earth, until even it too no longer can be distinguished.

An inner attunement with this soothing darkness will lead the way into my self. Can I also separate within my self light and darkness? Will I be successful? There is no longer any external distraction present.

The constant, even sound of the onward travelling train on its bedded rails begets a state of calm and relaxation, of inner contemplation.

Where does the way lead me to in this moment?

The outside darkness allows me to more easily find my inner compass. I seek, within myself, what the steady sound of the driving train conveys.
Calmness, relaxation, openness and totality in what lays before me.

It is not easy to be equitable with each hour of this gifted life.

But I try, by coming to myself now, to be independent of external travel destinations of my life. Such a possibility of reflection is an oasis in life, and in my deepest inner being questions arise.

Do I live in accordance with the truth, for which my heart so yearns?

I know, when these questions truly come forth as longings of the heart, I will receive an answer from my inner being. For the surging questions of the heart are always answered and the next step in life will be revealed to me from there.

When I test the revealed answer, I know then from which source I have created it. It can be from the source that strengthens the inner Man, or from the power that fuels ambitions of the ego of the superficial man.
A way to a new state of consciousness opens itself before me.

In it I recognize my momentary state-of-being. Perhaps I have accomplished one small step, on the way to Truth, upon which I will further follow …

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Date: June 8, 2018
Author: Cornelia Vierkant (Germany)
Photo: Marion Pellikaan

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