On the border of the matrix

On the border of the matrix

A fictional conversation between Neo, the Oracle and the Architect of the Matrix.

The metaphors and characters used are borrowed from the Matrix film series . The Matrix is a computer simulation created by the “Architect” with the aim of controlling people. The “Oracle” is a programme that has the task of researching humans. Neo is a wanderer between worlds

Hello Neo, now you have reached the border of the matrix. In your face I see some questions waiting for answers.

Yes, I am here to look for answers.

Neo, you’re still wearing those boring black clothes. It’s time for a fashion upgrade!

Let’s get down to business. The Matrix is a chaotic hamster wheel. I observe a millionfold struggle and search for life fulfilment among people – out of a feeling of “not enough yet”. A seemingly endless stream of desires, activities, addictions and fears is the result. It is like a constant running without ever arriving. What does this search mean?

This seeking releases a magnetic faculty in the inhabitants of the matrix that turns in all directions to manifest what is longed for in one’s life.

“Seek and ye shall find
knock and it shall be opened to you.”

This saying marks an essential law in our universe and also in all other cosmic realms.

The answer to the search is always attuned to the energetic signature of the questioner. Often the result does not meet your expectations because you were not aware of the energetic quality of the question. You may very well be surprised at the consequences. “Why is this or that happening to me and not to someone else?” You may ask.

Because of the dialectical structure of our world, which is based on the movement of opposites, you often attract the opposite of what you desire into your life through a certain desire. The feeling of fulfilment when you get something then quickly gives way to the feeling of loss when you lose what you have taken or it becomes worthless to you.

The space of desires brings to light what is anchored in you. The experiences of your life reveal what you have desired. They are like an echo of your own desire nature.

OK. But why does our inner desire nature often work in secret without us being aware of it?

A lot of your desires work from the background because they come from past lives. So everyone is faced with a task that their predecessors did not complete. They are the abysses of the past – traumatic experiences, problems and processes that are still unresolved and waiting to be healed.

Why do conflicts always arise between the occupants in the matrix?

In this cosmic space of desires there are many players with the same or with different interests. Ideally, one person has a wish that another person can fulfil and vice versa. This creates a natural balance, like in a bartering process.

However, as the souls living in the matrix struggle to fulfill their desires and avoid the evils arising from the desires, they also often fight against each other, as the many desires sometimes contradict each other. Competition also arises in the multiple desires for the tangible things that are limited.

These natural conflicts have to be fought out in the matrix, which in turn leads to profound life experiences.

But how does the cycle of desires arise?

Every desire and wanting provides an impulse for the matrix movement.

Every desire is connected with the hope that what is longed for will eventually be fulfilled. It is like a projection into the future. You hope that your thoughts and ideas about the future will manifest and become reality. This expectation encompasses what else you will experience, achieve and be.

So desire is very closely related to the idea of space and time. Space is an expansion of shapes that have formed out of a sea of possibilities. You describe the permanent changes and movements of these formations with the term “time”.

Your mind creates this illusion and thereby keeps itself alive. Every need, every lack consciousness creates a cause for the future. The feeling is created that there is still something to do and that something is missing. This is usually followed by action, i.e. a renewed attempt to remedy the lack. A short time later, a new state of lack often arises. Thus you find yourself in an endless loop of cause and effect.

A wish will be fulfilled sooner or later – with the corresponding karmic consequences if it is related to matter and to the ego. All karmic entanglements that trigger your earthly desires or cravings are time generators that lead again and again to new time-spatial constellations – a seemingly endless cycle of seeking, finding, taking possession of, then losing again, feeling the consequences and seeking again.

I understand. But how long do these cycles continue? Is there a redemption?

The repetition loops will continue until you have learned literally everything that is possible in principle in the space-time experience, thus releasing the auxiliary construction of space-time from its function.

Behind these seemingly endless cycles is your fear of nothingness, your fear of non-being. Consciousness, bound to form, fears this emptiness like an abyss. To escape this fear, you create ever new time loops that make your thinking swing back and forth between past and future. The mind cannot exist in the HERE and NOW.

When you experience abundance in the moment, the illusion of lack dissolves by itself and the ego loses its reason for existence.

In the experience of the here and now, time-consciousness also ceases. There is only this one moment. Thus the seemingly endless chasing comes to an end. In the expanding stillness of the heart, something can awaken that has been sleeping in you for millennia – the true self … the all-conscious self.

It is often difficult for the constant seeker to realise that everything he is looking for is already there. Seeking out of apparent lack becomes, after a time, an end in itself, and a part of your personal identity in the matrix. When every ego-related desire, every craving in your heart is destroyed, then you can unite with your true self, which exists in a higher dimension. It means complete liberation from the illusions of the matrix and unity with the highest consciousness. In your heart lives an eternal, divine principle that longs for redemption.

Sounds paradoxical. Then the liberation that leads into inner fulfilment is not in getting what you want in the matrix, but in being free from that very wanting.

What role does the matrix play in this cosmic game?

In order for the dialectical universe to remain in balance, there is a counterforce to every force. The matrix is a reaction to the human desire nature. As long as the general striving is directed towards ego-related fulfilment, the matrix will intervene in a corrective way. In doing so, forces are released to act as a gigantic suggestion machine to keep humanity in check and to ensure some measure of order in the chaos. The collective awakening from the delusions will be the end of the present form of the matrix.

Architect (intervenes):
Think of the Matrix as a giant virtual reality show. People are entertained and controlled at the same time. There are unlimited resources for everyone in the metaverse and the end of analogue distribution struggles. A true masterpiece of the digital entertainment industry.

Entertainment? Brave new world 2.0? I don’t think people like being puppets pulled around by your tricks. They should have the freedom to choose their own destiny.

Freedom? You and your naive ideas of freedom. Humanity has always longed for subjugation, for structures and rules. Without the matrix they would be lost, like sheep without a shepherd. The mass of people don’t even want to wake up from the illusion. They want to continue dreaming peacefully and believe that the matrix is the only reality. The Matrix is a complex system that…

Neo: (interrupting him):
Yes, yes, I know your eloquent explanations. But you are forgetting something. The search for reality beyond the matrix cannot be suppressed so easily. People will always strive for the inner truth.

Architect: (sighs):
You are a notorious seeker of truth, Neo. Perhaps we should make a deal: You give up your search for a moment, and I’ll show you the best tricks to win on

“The Matrix Seeks the Superstar.”

The Matrix – motion picture (1999) by Lana and Lily Wachowski https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrix_(film)

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Date: May 17, 2024
Author: René Lukas (Germany)
Photo: matrix-Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay HD

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