Narrator of Heaven

Imagine you are seeing everything you experience as if it were in a film

Narrator of Heaven

Imagine that everything you see, feel, think and hear, everything you consciously experience – even your own body – well just imagine you are seeing all these things as if they were in a film.

Imagine you are the only observer. A unique film with you in the leading role and all those who play a role in that film. Imagine at the same time that you are the projectionist who is projecting the film onto the silver screen of your consciousness.

The film began as you were still very young and the film is still continuing, each and every day. As the film continued you naturally became used to the things that were being shown to you, things that continue to be shown to you. Which are perceived by you as the truth.

This is you and nobody else, there is nobody else like you within the whole of the universe. This is you, a unique human being, completely and utterly you. Thus your identity is being created and you recognise that this is the case with every person. Most people hardly even think about this.

It depends on the story line which is taking place as to whether it is a good film or not and also on the significance that you give to it

One day the question arises whether you are really that person you see yourself as. A feeling of doubt is raised, a feeling that something is not right, that there is something missing. The whole thing just doesn’t feel right. Things happen without you being able to change anything about them, things you don’t want to happen; you have the feeling that they could be done differently, in fact must be done differently …

Awareness arises from deep within you, and you realise that yes there is another path to be followed. This awareness attracts your attention and whatever you do, this awareness remains within you, in the background, like a true friend who you get to know better and better. This friend is occasionally disquieting but he is reliable. It starts to become more and more natural for you to want to be together with him.

The companion within you changes your outlook and the way you see the world. Everything you see you are now seeing together with this friend and you are no longer alone. Two see more than one. The same things take on another meaning, you also are taking on another meaning. You no longer identify yourself so much with the occurrences in the film. Your inner companion is becoming closer to you now and you identify yourself more with him. He casts a new light on your life.

Imagine that other people would also find their inner friend. And everyone would become aware of being the silver screen, the projectionist, observer and light all at the same time!

The light of the inner companion directs your view to the source, from which everything originates and to which everything returns. You sense something of the spiral path of things being created and formed. And you recognise that this is you, together with all others. “This is my true identity.” The deciding factor is not who I am but what I am.

One of the numerous stars on the canopy of consciousness, all shining brightly in the same heaven. You can turn to all the stars, for every star is more beautiful than the other. You feel a stream of joy.

Imagine that someone then says to you “I am the Light of the World” and imagine that each star conveys this. Each person recognises himself within the light of the other person in an endless reflection.

The treasure within each one is for all to enjoy, therein lies our spiritual heritage. It is only waiting for you to embrace it.

Just imagine.

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Date: June 8, 2018
Author: Krabbelton (Netherlands)
Photo: A.Bast

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