Man is what he thinks

Of all the existing creatures, only the human being is capable of reason. He must be conscious of his presence and the unity which exists between himself and the others.

Man is what he thinks

Thoughts are composed of extremely subtle atoms.

Thoughts are things, creatures, living beings; they are also light flashes, luminous impulses of our brain.

They are joined according to their nature and become ever more powerful. If we decide not to mentally vivify these thought beings in our manifestation field any longer, so that they remain static, they resemble cloud formations and like the clouds in the air, they follow a certain movement.

When the Sacred Language rants against the abuse of the holy creative role, it means the abuse of the mental power of man who is subordinate to a life of almost unlimited lust and its consequences.

When we open our physical eyes, once the physical connection between the spirit and the body has been restored and we are born, it is as if we came from a dark cave where we stayed for too long and suddenly we come out of it and are blinded by the light of day.


During the first years of our life, even if we cannot remember, we perceive everything: the aura and its celestial colours; we feel the beauty of love and the tyranny of fear at the same time. At this moment we are absolutely pure and we are in connection with the Divine Source of all Sources, this Source of power and of goodness, which has allowed us to make our choice.

When we grow up, we become as dense as our mother Earth through our ignorance and our fears. Let us keep in mind that everything we send to the universe, comes back to us.

Over time we will forget who we are, where we come from and why we are here and now on Earth.

This is why we end up identifying with the world of forms, with the material world (which some call the third dimension of reality, the one of density), this means that we identify ourselves with our physical body, our thoughts, our mentality, our fears, our personality.

In short, we identify ourselves with an inferior being, the source of all fears and ignorance: the dominating ego which feeds on our fears. The effect of this is that we vibrate on very low and very dense frequencies. Like the ego, our mentality has a reason for existing. This reason should be that the individual is willing to express the splendor of his internal being and that he might learn to tame his mentality to make it an ally of the heart, an ally of his consciousness. The internal presence never expresses itself through a degenerated mentality, but through a pure and devoted heart.

By feeding, consciously or unconsciously, on very low vibrations, our physical body is subject to these weak energies. Then our negative emotions, which have not been overcome and which have been accumulated for many years will decay within us. The effect of this is that our body becomes ill since the energies do not circulate the way they should.

By letting our ego and our mentality take control of our life, we allow the inferior I or the inferior being to impose its law on our existence. Even beyond our own personality, we contribute to project the ignorance and the destructive fear into the vast ocean of the Universal Consciousness through the release of negative energetic waves.


However, we have a superior inner being.

We must remember this and lift that which we often call “the veil of forgetting”. We must reconnect with this fabulous reality which is our inner being or our Divine and Spiritual Nature. Let us restore the connection. Yes, let us restore this contact! When we come onto the Earth, we carry this essence within ourselves, here and now. We have a part of this Divine Source within us which is what we all are in reality: The Source in the flesh which is Infinite and of Eternal Consciousness.

Our upbringing told us that we are separate beings. From the point of view of the world of solid and non-spiritual forms this might be true. But in reality, we are all interconnected. There is no empty space, as we are led to believe or as our physical eyes think they can see. Between you, my sister in The Reunion and you, my brother in India, this space is, in fact, an immense energetic, universal and invisible ocean, also called etheric field, where thoughts, words, emotions and prayers of all polarities circulate freely.

This source, which is the basis of absolutely everything in the multiverse, is present in each one of our subatomic cells, in the image of the original cell as well as in all the living cells. It is composed of an almighty force called Unconditional Love which bestows an unlimited power upon us, which takes on a luminous, but not blinding aspect, and on the contrary, it is magnetically transparent and pure.

The Source, the Rose of the heart which is what we are in reality, allows us to use and consequently to possess all the capacities of the Universal Spirit that is inherent in each spiritual being living a human experience such as: manifestation, creation, ubiquity, mediumistic, telekinesis, astral projection, healing, auto-healing, telepathy etc.

These are our true powers, here is our true nature thanks to the Source of everything and only thanks to It. We are channels who must allow the Almighty Power to express Itself through us. We have always been and will always be at Its service. To let the Internal Being express itself, we must nourish it with this Almighty Force that we have tacitly agreed upon as a collective thought and which we call: Unconditional Love.

However, let us be careful because Love is not a word, it is a force, it is the most powerful energy there is. In contrast, there is the lowest energy that exists and which opens the door to all evil: fear.

Love, this ultrahigh energetic Force is at the basis of the Universe, of the whole Universe, of all of Creation.

Even if the meaning gets distorted, we can feel this force in our guts because it wants to be used in abundance. We are not made to live in another reality than the one of the Fraternal and Unconditional Universal Love.

This Unconditional Love expresses itself through energetic attributes of a high frequency such as: forgiveness, compassion, peace, acceptance, letting go, tolerance, listening, sharing, humility, gentleness, caring, truth, empathy, subtle humour, giving, the offering of the self, joy, serenity, belief, self-confidence and detachment etc.

By using these attributes in our life as solutions to problems, we nourish our Internal Being which is a part of the Divine in each of us and thus we allow the Divine Creator to express Himself through us in the service of others.

What do we feel when we express or receive one of these energies in ourselves?

We feel vibrations! We vibrate! We literally vibrate. What is an energy if it is not a release or a reception of an electro-magnetic impulse that we receive, release and interpret (more or less consciously)? Our energy is electro-magnetic just as our Earth (the earthly magnetic field) and just as all of creation is.

Each human being releases and receives thousands of electric impulses called vibrations every day. Some of them are high and fast, others low and slow. We interpret them according to our upbringing, our beliefs, our different cultures, our level of awakening or rather our level of connection with our Inner Being.

The more we receive and release high vibrations, the more our personal vibrational level rises and vice versa. As we said before, we are one on the level of spiritual consciousness. This means that every individual that increases their vibrational signature, will increase the vibrational level of their thinking, their words, their actions and their emotions and will also increase their field of perception and action. This is what is called ascension.

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Date: March 20, 2018
Author: Blaise BITO (France)
Photo: A.Bast

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