Man is a trace

Our need for freedom is commensurate with the fields, spaces and universes to which we open ourselves.

Man is a trace

Being is the state of being non-separated from separate beings. Chuang-Tseu

Signs are not presences but figure another presence. Octavio Paz, The Grammarian Monkey


Where there is movement, there is life. And vice versa. The down-to-earth movements we are familiar with are part of this. More interesting are the imperceptible movements that are no less important to our destinies. By taking an interest in them, we seek to free ourselves from the geographical area that confines us in those constraints that do violence to our inner movements. Our need for freedom is commensurate with the fields, spaces and universes to which we open ourselves. Hence this leap to the margins to leave the camp and move to the countryside. In other words, I’m going to see where the messages and information come from that broaden my interiority and not my territoriality.

In short, how to come to see what it is to really live, as I understand it. What is living if not accepting to be sometimes object, sometimes subject in different fields. To take the freedom to choose one’s field of experience, one’s field of becoming. To be open to injunctions, inspirations and movements that offer the feeling of opening up more and more, of growing, of rising; to be completely open, without barriers, without defenses. To accept everything that happens to us as part of the trajectory to be followed in the marginal or main intervals. To see death as a passage from one state to another. To be like the flower that withers little by little while giving freely and indiscriminately to its surroundings the most subtle thing it possesses: its perfume.

There is no more voluntarism, no more militancy, and no more missionaryism for any cause. Being what I am and who I am is loaded with meaning, it is what gives meaning to the fact that I am here.

I leave behind the dried out petals, the chrysalis, the narrow floor, and the tight clothes. They have served their purpose. I feel sucked into an updraft as if in a glider and see the world below as a wonderful, peaceful landscape of possibilities that I leave behind. There is a Jonathan Livingston in me. I see so many others on the same adventure, preceding me, accompanying me, following me. It’s contagious and it becomes lighter as we encourage each other.

As the whole of creation is one and all in communion, the smallest spark in the universe produces a glow in our minds. And the smallest of gestures done with tenderness does good to a distant planet. Every thought is automatically connected to the object that occupies it, and every glance grafts its emotional charge onto the other. Nothing is in vain, especially if the consciousness of the moment adds its fire. We might as well keep this fire burning because it can change the world and our lives.

It is in this spirit that I see true life, knowing that all is there, all is well and all is accomplished. With no effort other than to let all that stands in the way of the flowing current fade away. One day I had the vision of not being like a bulb or a light, but of being the current that flows from moment to moment, from one object to another, from one space to another. Energy is forever that which allows the miracle for which we have only one word: to be. This verb “to be” only comes into play if there is a consciousness to establish or notice what makes the link between one I and another.

Now, for me, consciousness is no longer to be considered as a bridge that spans the interval between me and the world, nor between me and myself. It is no longer the act of linking subject and object, nor the motivation or responsibility that gives itself a container to the content and a meaning to the nonsense. For I see the other and myself as part of consciousness itself, and between these three – me, consciousness and the other – there is no longer any interval. Only the field of absolute totality allows the three to be present.

And I am no more than a sign, a sign of life among many others. Nothing more than a trace, a comet dust on the curve of the cosmos. However, in consciousness, I am the field of the Consciousness of the Whole which is reflected in the mirror of my person, and this one is an information fallen from a star in the heart of a passing man, walking, not to say running, in the field of all the possibilities contained in That which is One, universal and eternal. In short, I believe that I live to realize that I am That.

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Date: November 19, 2021
Author: Gabriel Tonnerre (Belgium)
Photo: Unsplash CCO

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