Looking Within

Inner and outer silence.

Looking Within


There is so much to see when we look within

Thoughts, feelings, desires – where to begin?

While our search on the outside still exists

Inner turmoil and chaos will persist.


A world of attraction

A world full of action.

What more could we possibly desire?


A world of disaster

Which no-one can master.

Is this not our world on fire?


A way out is needed

With advice to be heeded.

Our situation is indeed dire.


Which way do we go?

Our efforts so slow.

We seem to be sunk in the mire.


Then disaster erupts, from an unseen source,

Something totally disrupts our life’s course.

Lives are lost, pain ensues,

There’s darkness with so many hues.


Uncertainty, fear, the future unclear.

But something emerges which we can hold dear.


There is time to reflect, if we choose that way.

Life’s traffic has stopped, even during the day.

The earth breathes again, a sigh of relief.

Time and space to move past sadness and grief.


A new energy flows to nourish the earth

To bring about change, to determine it’s worth.

The silence without is reflected within.

Our true inner search can now really begin.


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Date: April 24, 2021
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Jeon Sang-O on Pixabay CCO

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