Look at the lilies, how they neither spin nor weave

"Not even Solomon in all his splendor dressed as one of them"

Look at the lilies, how they neither spin nor weave

This well-known quote from the Gospel of Luke, chapter 12, verses 22 to 34, places us directly in a state of consciousness of total surrender, the opposite of those who concentrate their attention on the ego and fight for a lasting survival beyond the laws of life, without understanding that we are part of a Whole in which we are immersed. This illusion of survival evaporates when we read in the same quote from Luke: “Who among you, however hard he may strive, can add one hour to his life?”

If we observe the evolution of living beings on Earth, as explained by current science, we see that the appearance of vegetables preceded the appearance of animals. Esoteric science also agrees with this hypothesis. The plant world developed in a state of etheric consciousness. Its food came from the sun and was never lacking. Every day the father star of the Solar System gives freely its light and heat, its vital energy, to all living beings; vegetables grow and develop with it, and do not worry about what they will eat or wear. There is no ego-consciousness in that world. Vegetable individuals are united with each other through their roots, they communicate with each other and form a unity. There is no worry.

We could say that the Sun gives its “unconditional love” to all creatures, without excluding anything or anyone. And the plant kingdom collects this love and returns it in the form of food and beauty, also unconditionally to all creatures around.

In a later step of the evolutionary process, surely in the lunar period, the consciousness of living beings began to concentrate on individuality, turning to oneself and beginning a separation from the environment, necessary for the attainment of ego-consciousness.

The struggle for survival developed parallel to the awareness of individuality and the fear of disappearance.

At first, the competitive struggle was between individuals of different species: “My species survives, even if I die, but at the expense of your species, which is different from mine”. But there came a time when competition occurred within the same species and individuals fought against each other: “I need you to die so that I can live”.

Perhaps the explanation has been exaggerated to facilitate the understanding of the idea we want to convey. Thus, we arrive at the Earth’s period, where the maximum concentration of matter occurs: density, crystallization. The human being develops in these conditions of maximum individuality, with an increased ego-consciousness and a forgetfulness, more and more accused, of the fact that, in reality, we are all brothers and sons of the same Sun, father of the Universe.

What would happen if our consciousness were an etheric consciousness, similar to that of vegetables, but after having walked the path of ego-consciousness, that is, knowing now who we are, and giving our “unconditional love” to the development of all creatures, sons and daughters of the Universe, with whom we are united by subtle roots?

The state of absolute surrender, of unconditional love towards Everything and everyone, supposes a state of consciousness in which there is no room for judgment towards others. I am no longer “me and others”, but “all in me” or “me with everyone, in Everything”.

The fight for survival becomes absurd when it supposes to go against Nature; then the salvation of the World and Humanity prevails, as part of the Divinity.

“Seek ye the kingdom of God, and all else shall be added unto you. Provide yourselves with an inexhaustible treasure in heaven, where no thief approaches and no moth corrodes. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.

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Date: November 5, 2020
Author: Joan Torró (Spain)
Photo: Mylene2401-PIXABAY CCO

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