Into the Open – Part 2

One night I woke up and had a very special experience.

Into the Open – Part 2

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A special experience

I would like to tell you a story that happened about three to four years ago. At that time, I lived on Davidstrasse in Hamburg, not far from Germany’s most famous mile of sin, Herbertstrasse. The young women offering themselves to the johns were right in front of the house where I lived. And I could see the police meetings at the Davidwache.

In this environment – where I slept as carefree and protected as a baby at night – I experienced something special. One night I woke up and had direct access to the source of being. It was not a dream. I knew that I was connected to true Being. I was standing in the middle of the mystery of the universe. Today I can only recall this state of being as a memory.

My girlfriend was lying next to me and asked, “What’s wrong?!”

I explained everything to her, the words just flowed out of me because I was in reality. Today I do not remember what I said because when I had explained everything to her, it was over and I was no longer connected to it.

My inner picture worlds popping up tried hard to capture the impressions. But I can only attempt an approximation, for the truth is many times more vivid.

The source of being is everywhere and nowhere. It is always right where you are. It is where we look at it, where we perceive it. We are integrated into compositions of power, sound and colour. This is no mere image. This is truth and reality.

The inner rainbow of being

I can only approximate it with an image that we all know well: the rainbow. It stands above us as a symbol in its seven colour frequencies.

These frequencies echo within us, they are not separate from us.

When we see a rainbow, we sometimes see another rainbow above it, a faint rainbow that carries the colours in exactly the opposite way. The colour in the topmost edge of the first arc touches the same shade of colour in the lower part of the upper arc.

Now you have to imagine this image mirrored to infinity – in an unbelievable chain upwards and downwards. Thus, a colour and sound field of enormous energies stretches from the earth through the entire universe and beyond.

Everything is interconnected and resonates with all things. If I now touch the colour spectrum red somewhere, i.e. make it vibrate, then the entire chain of red, which is in the different rainbows, vibrates as a single colour and sound body.

This image only approximates reality; the actual reality cannot be put into tangible words. My pinealis was open for a brief moment and immediately closed again; that is how I would like to explain it.

The spiritual group with which I have voluntarily connected and linked myself is on the one hand wonderful – and on the other hand it sometimes strikes me as frighteningly conservative.

I see a building, a shaping. But what is decisive is our burning core, the inner fire.

Now something has broken out in me. And suddenly I ask myself: Was I able to have the experience of the real earlier, even if it is only a sketch of the one true reality, was I able to bear it better because others with whom I am connected had already had it before me?

The bow breaks up

We have built our rainbow. And it seems as if it slowly, and then faster and faster, breaks up into a higher, bigger arc. It seems as if we are growing out of our old house, powerfully and intensely, because it is a community in which forces are concentrated. And in the larger, more encompassing sphere, we are at first at a loss for words. We experience ourselves anew, breathe anew, are caught up; it is strange, indistinct, and yet we sense familiar things that we had forgotten: new rhythms, new breathing processes that connect us with others who have also arrived there.

Where is the path of humanity leading to? Does it not go into the open? We are one humanity, and each one of us – however special – is simply … human.



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Date: February 21, 2021
Author: Axel Janssen (Germany)
Photo: Sharon McCutcheon auf Pixabay CCO

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