Inside – A Soul’s Lament

Where is my light?

Inside – A Soul’s Lament

It’s dark in here – dark, but peaceful too. Safe. Surrounded by something somewhat hard – somewhat of a shell. I am a tiny seed of light, surrounded by the dark. Forgotten. I need to grow. I need light. But there is none – just darkness. It’s dark in here.

On the outside there is movement and noise, but none of it can penetrate to where I am. Safe within – but still I need to grow. I need light.

The shell surrounding me is well-maintained, nothing is allowed to break through. The noise and the movement see to that. Occasionally there is a slight crack – a slight chance for me – but very quickly it is covered and sealed. Even more occasionally a crack becomes a chink, a piece of the shell slivers off leaving a small hole. Light is able to penetrate the darkness, every so briefly, before the hole is discovered and sealed over again. But I have grown, ever so slightly…….

The noise and the movement on the outside is becoming more intense – louder and faster, more boisterous. There are more and more chinks appearing, more opportunities for light!

The chinks are still closed and sealed, but there is a desperation now as they happen more and more frequently. Sometimes they go undetected and are left uncovered for short periods of time – oh, delightful light! I grow more and more, slowly but steadily. As I do, I push the darkness to the outside, filling my space more and more until finally, full of strength, full of light, I break out of my hard shell. I watch it disintegrate around me.

Oh joy, oh wonder – I am free!

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Date: January 1, 2018
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Truus Waszink

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